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Download Google Chrome for Windows 7

Using Windows 7 and looking for options to download Google Chrome for windows 7? Welcome,  and I am glad that you have decided to use Google Chrome!

Download Google Chrome for Windows 7

Google Chrome for Windows can be used for Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8. So, you can simply download Google Chrome for Windows and install. There are different builds of Chrome Available.

Chrome Stable: The normal build, this is the latest stable build of Google Chrome. Download from here.

Chrome Beta: Beta build for those who dont mind trying out some more experimental stuff before they make it to stable build. Download from here.

Chrome Dev: This the developer build and is updated quite often. Things may break at times but you will see some cutting edge stuff here. Not recommended for regular use. Download it here.

Chrome Canary: What if you want to use stable version of Chrome for regular use but still want to experience some cutting edge features like in the dev build occasionally? You can download the canary build which will be a totally separate browser, and is updated frequently with new features. Your regular Chrome will be untouched. Download it here.

Chromium: Chromium is the opensource version of Chrome. Everything begins here. There are many things that Chrome has but Chromium doesn’t. However, many of the features that we see in Chrome first appear here. And how often do they update Chromium builds? Many times a day! You can download Chromium for Windows 7 here. It is only for those who wish to play with new things and not recommended for regular usage.

On the download page, scroll down to the bottom of the list, open the last folder for the latest build, and then download the Zip installer.

A Free Ebook, If You Are A Newbie.

Are you going to use Google Chrome for the first time? I have a free Ebook that you can help you. You can download the PDF book from here.