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Welcome to the best Chromebook resource on the planet. This is a collection of Chromebook resources that let you get started with your Chromebook, become a pro and stay up to date.

I use Chromebooks 99.99% of the time these days. I have written looooot of useful articles about getting things done on Chromebooks from my experience. This article collects the best of them to help you with your Chromebook.

I have reduced this article to just a list of THE BEST of what I have written so far.

For Newbies

Did you just pick your first Chromebook?  Or , are you planning to get one soon? This section is for you!

Tips and Tricks

For Advanced Chromebook Users

Useful Links for Chromebook Users

Chromebook Communities

Chromebooks Directory

Here is a list of the most important Chromebooks released so far. If you want a Chromebook model to be featured here, drop me a comment.