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Free Chromebook User Guide

Google’s Chrome OS and Chromebooks are easy to use and comes with zero setup and maintenance effort. If there is something that you need help with, this user guide was written for that. 

I have organized this resource in to different useful articles, each covering most important tasks that you might want to do with your Chromebook. 

Bonus – You can checkout my Chromebooks tips as well. I have collected 90 tips so far. I am sure you will learn at least 10 new things there even if you are a power user.


The Chromebook User Guide

The Chromebook user guide is a collection of articles that I wrote here on Chrome Story. I have hand picked and organized them in a way that will make it easier for a new Chromebook user to explore and learn everything that they will need while using a Chromebook.

This page helps me manage the content of this blog and keep my posts updated. I am doing my best to keep information provided here updated. In case you find anything that needs to be taken care of, please ping me on Google Plus.

You might also want to join the Chromebook community on Google Plus for quick help and tips from user around the world.

Getting Started With Chromebook – Download the Free Guide

I have a free PDF guide to help you get started with your Chromebook. You can find more details about it and get the download link here.

Basic Tasks

This section helps you with basic tasks on your Chromebook

Productivity on Chromebook

Stay productive, with and without internet connection!

Tweaking Your Chromebook

This section contains information on tweaking your Chromebook. Changing little things can make your Chromebook experience better.

Understanding Chrome OS and Chromebooks

This section explains different parts of Chrome OS operating system and helps you learn how to use them better

Managing Your Chromebook

This section contains information on managing your Chromebook.

Troubleshooting Issues With Your Chromebook

Experiencing problems with your Chromebook? Here is a section with troubleshooting help for Chrome OS.

Chromebook Security

This section is for information dedicated to making your Chromebook more secure.

Advanced Tips for Power Users

This is a collection of things you can try if you are a power user and wants to tweak your Chromebook and play with it.

Make The Best of Your Chromebook

Interesting and useful things that you can do with your Chromebook to make the best out of it!

Suggestions? Comments?

Do you have suggestions? Is there anything that you think I should write and add here? Drop a comment!

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    I have got Toshiba CB35- A3120 CHROMEBOOK but has no User manual .Can you help me to send me the manuals .i could not operate it.

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