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Chrome For Android – The Ultimate Guide

I made Google Chrome for Android my default browser on the first day, just like I did for Chrome on Windows when it was released. I have a habit of collecting tips and tricks as I explore a software product, and this page records my experience with Google Chrome for Android. ( You can read 100 Chrome tips here and 90 Chromebook tips here)

This article is going help you Download, Install and Set Up Google Chrome for Android. It will also help you learn some of the basic and advanced tips and tricks for using Chrome on Android.

Downloading and Installing Chrome for Android

First thing to do, get your Wifi on, if possible. It is more than a 20MB of download, and then if you need to sync Chrome on your computer, that’s a little more of bandwidth. I think its a good idea to do this using a Wifi network. Don’t you?

Download Google Chrome for Android

Okay, lets get to the first step. Go here and click the “Install” link to start the download of Chrome for Android. This process is exactly like you install any other app on your Android phone. One single mouse click, and that’s it!

Here is the Google Play Link

Google Chrome for Android – Beta

Recently, Google Chrome team released a beta version of Chrome for Android, bringing upcoming Chrome features to those who are ready to experiment.

You can install Chrome for Android Beta alongside your stable version and use it only for getting a taste of experimental features. Your Chrome stable remains untouched.

Download it from here

Installing Chrome

Like I said, installing Chrome for Android is just one click. If you have started the download of Chrome, it will start installing as soon as downloading is completed. Relax, and wait for it to finish!

Initial Set Up

Once Chrome for Android is downloaded to your phone, it will install itself and add a nice little shortcut on your home screen. Touch the app icon and fire it up!

Whoo!! there you go, you have Google Chrome installed on your lovely Android phone. Congratulations.

Now, lets get started, setting up the Phone with Chromesync.

Why Sync Chrome for Android?

First thing we need to do is syncing Chrome with your Google Chrome profile on your computer. But I know that many of you will have a question, Why should I use Chrome Sync on Android? What do I get out of it? Let me give you some things to consider.

View Open Tabs

Tabs you have open on Chrome for pc/macbook or your Chromebook will sync between all these devices and your Android phone running Chrome. Imagine you are browsing a page on your computer, and you want to step away from your computer, this tab can be opened right on your phone or tablet with Chrome for Android installed and you can pick up the page where you left it.

Now, note that I said “Sync Tabs” not Sync Webpages. What’s the difference?

Well, imagine you opened this website, on your desktop, and then click on a category archive and then visited a article inside that archive. Now, when this tab syncs to your phone, it will be show the latest page you are on, that is, the article you opened from the archive. Now, press back button of your Chrome on Android, you get the category page on, yes, just like the tab on your computer.

Sync Bookmarks

Syncing bookmarks between your computer and mobile is a really good idea, and quite useful too. I use this all the time, and trust me, its really good!

Sync Chrome Omnibox Suggestions

Take your omnibox everywhere. Visit a site often on your computer and you’ll get an autocomplete suggestion for it on your phone, so you can spend less time typing.

Send to Phone Feature – A Winner

Send pages from your computer to your phone or tablet with a single click. You can read them on the go, even when you’re offline.

Quick Tips To Get You Started

Here are some quick tips to get you started with your new installation of Chrome on Android. I have collected them on a different page, Chrome For Android – A Mini User Guide. Check it out and come right back here for more in-depth info!

Google Chrome for Android 2.2 and 2.3

Unfortunately, Google Chrome is not available for Android 2.1, 2.2. 2.3 or 3.0 Honeycomb. It is supported only on ICS (Android 4.0) and above.

You might find .apk files available for download elsewhere, claiming to be Chrome for Android 2.3 and 2.3. My advice is not to download such unofficial apk files because they are not verified or tested.

Google Chrome for Android Tablets

Google Chrome for Android works on tablets too. So if you download Chrome for Android or Chrome for Android Beta, you should be able to use the tablet version of Google Chrome. Happy browsing on your Galaxy tab or Nexus 7, or any other tablet that you are using!

(I would love to know about your favorite Android tablet!)

Easter Eggs on Chrome for Android

Okay, if you learned the basics already, let’s take a look at the Easter Eggs on Chrome for Android, to add a little splash of fun to our journey.

Here is the first Easter Egg discovered on Chrome for Android. Follow these steps and see what happens!

1. Open the Chrome app (Android)
2. Press the open tabs button.
3. Flick up on the tab(s) five times
4. See what happens!

android  First Easter Egg On Chrome for Android And One More Funny Thing

Another interesting thing you can do is, (if you got time) open more than 99 tabs on Chrome for Android and you will see this!

android  First Easter Egg On Chrome for Android And One More Funny Thing

cool uh? Did you find any other Easter Eggs?

Chrome For Android Needs Bookmarks Bar? Here Is How To Make One

Looking for that bookmarks bar on Chrome for Android? There is a little hack that you can do to get something similar on Android version of Chrome. I wrote about it here. Now, here is a screenshot of how it will look like.

Chrome for Android L Release Open Tabs in Recent Apps Menu

The upcoming release for Android, named “L” for now, includes open tabs in Chrome in the recent apps menu. This means, you do not have to open Chrome and touch on more icon to see your open tabs. You can simply touch your recent apps icon, and it will list all your open Chrome tabs along with other apps.

android  Android Ls Recent Apps Menu Will Show Open Chrome Tabs Too

Sharing from Android Made Easy

Android makes it easy to share content between apps. It gives a lot of flexibility, but if you have plenty of apps installed, the list of apps that show up when you touch “share” can be a long one. Chrome for Android recently added a neat feature making it easy to share content to your favorite app. Your last used app shows up right next to share.

android  Sharing From Chrome on Android is Now Easy With This Little Feature

Read more about it here.

 Chrome for Android Remote Desktop App

The Chromoting or Chrome Remote Desktop app is now available for Android as well. You can use this app to connect to your Windows PC or Mac. Read more about settin this up here.

Chrome for Android Tip – “Find in Page” Easily

  1. Start typing in the omnibox just like you enter a new web address or search term.
  2. Touch the first option, which comes with a magnifying glass icon

Here, take a look:

android  Chrome for Android Tip   Find in Page Easily

  • Dennis

    Thanks for this mate. One question, do you have any idea on how to make Chrome the default browser instead of the stock browser? Really looking for step by step instructions.

  • Jason

    You can also use the cool bookmark widget, where you can scroll up and down by flicking through an open folder. You can also adjust the size of this widget by long pressing the widget and pulling the corners.

  • Arlo

    Your recommendation to sync bookmarks is a huge mistake. Users that like to drag and drop their bookmarks will be cursing you as they try to figure out why their bookmarks wont stay where they’re put and keep mysteriously moving around.

  • Joshua

    I’m interested in seeing a list of icons, and definitions (ie. When long-pressing and highlighting text, What do each of the icons brought up on top of the screen do?) I ask because sometimes they seem to do what I expect, and other times, they do not. Unfortunately, I am unable to include a screen shot of the icons in question..
    My best description would be from left to right: A large check mark, which seems to back out of the selection process.
    Next: is a square box containing 4 smaller boxes.
    Next: a sheet of paper with scissors (cut I can only assume).
    Next: 2 sheets of paper stacked on top of one another.
    And finally: a clipboard, which is NOT the copy button (unless I’m not -choosing the correct option to “paste”)

    I hope this makes sense, and I hope someone will be able to help answer my questions. -Thanks