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Chrome For iOS Is Now A Lot Faster and Crashes 70% Less


Google has released version 48 of Chrome for iOS with a huge change in the underlying code. With the new change, the company promises better speeds and more importantly, fewer crashes; 70% fewer crashes according to Google's own estimates. Out-of-process rendering was one of Chrome’s earliest innovations, and we’ve always wanted to bring its benefits […] Read More

(Updated) Google’s Safe Browsing is Coming to Chrome for iOS


Update: Looks like this feature is already available on Chrome for iOS. Read comments! Safe Browsing Service is already in Chrome for iOS if you have enabled the Data Reduction proxy feature. Thank you François Beaufort! ----------- This of course is not a big surprise, only a logical next step for Google's Safe Browsing service. They […] Read More

Google Chrome Disables Support for Third Party Keyboards in iOS


Third-party keyboards on iOS 9 are not stable yet and that is why Chrome for iOS has disabled support for those keyboards in the latest update. The Chrome release notes says: Third-party keyboards have been disabled due to crashes caused by a bug in iOS 9 We do not have much details on this other […] Read More

Google Launches Chrome Beta for iOS, Brings 3D Touch


Following the footsteps of Android, Windows and OS X, Chrome now has a beta edition on iOS too. If you want to live on the bleeding edge and taste the newest stuff weeks before the layman, this is the browser that you should be using. There was no big announcement and not even the ceremonial […] Read More

Chrome for iOS Adds Support for “Physical Web”, Does Cool Things


The latest update for Chrome on iOS was really interesting. There was this simple navigation gesture that lot of people on a daily basis. That's a useful trick. However, there was one more brilliant and futuristic feature added in this version, support for Physical Web. I am totally new to this one, so I will borrow […] Read More

Google Chrome for iOS Adds Swipe Gesture for Navigation


Google Chrome for iOS just got a new feature that the Android version does not have yet. When you are busy browsing, you can swipe left or right to go back and forth on the tab. Imagine you searched for something and reached and then clicked on a link here. If you swipe from […] Read More

How to Add Chrome to the Today View on Your iPhone or iPad


Google Chrome for iPhone and iPad now supports iOS' new Today View feature. Here is how to enable this: Swipe down from the top of your screen. From the upper left corner, choose Today. Scroll down to the bottom and touch Edit. Choose Chrome from the list of apps. You're set! Today view gives you […] Read More