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Google Chromebook Hacks and Tips – Latest articles with tips and hacks for your new Chromebook. Find latest news about Chromebooks and see what’s coming to your Chromebook soon.

Resume a Failed Chrome Download with Firefox #chromeweekender

Lenovo to Release “World’s Cheapest Chromebook” in 2015 [Rumor]

On-Screen Keyboard Gets Emoji Support on Chrome OS

Chrome OS Gets Window Snapping and Docking

Dell Now Offers a $199.99 Chromebox Bundle

Chromebooks Get Option to “Downgrade” The Operating System

Here’s The Latest Chrome OS Easter Egg

“Chromebook Prices are Expected to Drop Further” says Digitimes #chromeweekender

Haswell Powered HP Chromebox for $136.82 [Deal]

Yes, the Google Security Key Works with Chromebooks

“Easy Unlock” The “Unlock Your Chromebook When Phone is Near” Thing Goes Live for Android 5.0 Users

Right Click And Pin Your Google Drive Folders on Your Chromebook’s Files App

The New Samsung Chromebook 2 is Tough, Has Aluminum Reinforcement

Samsung Launches Chromebook 2 Variant with Bay Trail for $250

Samsung Adds Live Video Support for Chromebooks

Dell Releases Chromebook 11 with Core i3 Processor and 4GB RAM for $379.00

Want to Connect 3 Or More Displays to Chromebooks? [Future Feature]

The New Acer CB3-111 Chromebook is now Available From Amazon

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