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First Ever Apollo Lake Chromebook ‘Amenia’ to be Out Soon?


If reports are true, another new Chromebook is in the making while Intel’s next generation of Atom processors have found their way into a new device which is currently under development. The news becomes more interesting as  Braswell-based Chromebooks are much in demand in the tech world. Apollo Lake is built off of the latest generation of […] Read More

Samsung Website Says Chromebooks Are “Powered By Android”


There were always rumors of Google merging Android and Chrome OS and making one single OS. Recent development made it clear that they are not merging any time soon, but co-exist, sharing Google Play Store and all the Android apps. Samsung seems to have a different way of looking at it. They are advertising their […] Read More

Pressure Sensitive Displays Coming to Chromebooks?


When I said future Chromebooks are going to have more phone-like hardware and features, I didn't really think about Force Touch screens. But according to our friends at Chrome Unboxed, this is also coming to future Chromebooks. After a lot of digging and searching (guys, you should teach me how you do it!) they found […] Read More

Amazon Updates Their Official Chromebooks Page


I was about to write about another new Chrome feature and randomly opened Amazon's official page for Chromebooks. And then I saw this: Amazon has updated their page, with a fresh design and a lot of useful info. The Chromebook buying guide also has been updated. We now have three sections: Your kids Your […] Read More

Future Chromebooks To Be More Like Tablets, With NFC, GPS, Accelerometer And Fingerprint Reader?


Last week Wired published a really nice piece about Chromebooks. The article had quotes from Googlers who talked about the evolution of Chromebooks. Now, I am writing this article only to highlight a particular part of the Wired article: Google now strongly recommends—which is a lightly-veiled warning that it’ll be mandatory soon—that every Chromebook include […] Read More

Chrome Team Brings Fast, Easy Checkout with Payment Request API


A lot of people have been talking about Chrome 53 and the performance enhancements it brings, particularly when it comes to power efficiency. Nobody is talking about the other thing the Chrome team quietly announced in their latest blog post, which is an API they call PaymentRequest. According to Google, Payment Request is a new approach for […] Read More

Photo Resizing Coming to Chrome OS?


**UPDATE** OK so it's definitely legit. Here's the source: Several tech blogs have reported that Chrome OS will soon have the option to resize photos using the built in image editor. This is definitely a welcomed addition to the Chrome operating system as you will no longer need to rely on third party apps such […] Read More

Add Chrome Extensions To Your Desktop, From Your Phone


So you know how you can visit the Google Play Store from your desktop, find an app, and install it to any of your Android devices without ever touching your phone? Well, now you can do that, the other way-round with Chrome extensions. Sort of. I mean you still can't browse the Chrome Web Store on […] Read More

CTL NL61TX Extra-Rugged Chromebook Doubles as a Whiteboard

CTL new Chromebook

CTL is famous for its Chromebooks designed for education and out in the market now, is the all new NL61TX version that also doubles as a whiteboard. This comes along with another version with almost similar features- NL61T, the newest version in their NL61 series. Both come with a 11.6 inches display and a 10 point capacitive touchscreen, and powered by […] Read More

Upcoming Chromebooks May Have Fingerprint Scanners


Two new Chromebooks with slightly different specifications are getting ready; one is 'Gru' and the other is named 'Kevin.' They hold more importance now as they seem to be out in the market with the much awaited fingerprint scanners. Until now, these code names appeared to refer to a single new Chromebook device with a […] Read More

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