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Upcoming Chromebooks May Have Fingerprint Scanners


Two new Chromebooks with slightly different specifications are getting ready; one is 'Gru' and the other is named 'Kevin.' They hold more importance now as they seem to be out in the market with the much awaited fingerprint scanners. Until now, these code names appeared to refer to a single new Chromebook device with a […] Read More

Google Store Sends Email With A Picture Of Pixel C Running Chrome OS


Google Store sent out an email with its offers for students this season. Interestingly, there was an email of Pixel C running Chrome OS. Was this a rendering mistake, we are not sure. However we are seeing a multitude of Pixel related leaks this week and this adds to the excitement. Here is the image: A redditor […] Read More

Lenovo Plans Chromebooks With Touch Panel Keyboard


I woke up today to tonne of Lenovo Yoga news. There were reports, photos, and hands on videos. It is now evening and I am about to go to bed, and PC World tells me that Lenovo is bringing a Chrome OS version of that interesting laptop. I said interesting because the device has a […] Read More

Acer’s 13″ Convertible R13 Chromebook Announced: Available In October


So far we've had a 10" convertible from Asus, and an 11" convertible from Acer. They've received mixed reviews, however I believe the reviews slant towards positive. People like the size and portability of the 10" Asus, but people prefer the noticeably better performance of the larger 11" from Acer. So where does a 13" […] Read More

Chromebook Pixel (2015) Out Of Stock…For Good?

Screenshot 2016-08-30 at 8.52.22 AM

Some time ago, the i5 version ($999) of the 2015 model Chromebook Pixel went out of stock, and hasn't come back in stock since. Now, we've noticed that the i7 version ($1299) is also out of stock, and according to VentureBeat, it's not coming back. I wasn't able to gain any information from the support […] Read More

What’s Eating Battery on Your Chromebook?

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Do you find your Chromebook consuming more battery than you expected it to? Chrome does show you reports on the remaining battery available and an estimate of battery life, but does not contain detailed information on battery usage as you find in Android. If your Chromebook is not giving the expected 9 to 11 hours of battery check […] Read More

How To Change Password On A Chromebook


How do you change the password on a Chromebook? Here is a quick guide to help you with password management on a Chromebook. Your Chromebook account uses the same password as your Google account. So, to change your Chromebook's password, you need to change your Google account password. If you need help resetting your Google […] Read More

How To Change Default Apps On Chromebook


How do you open a file using a different app instead of the default app on a Chromebook? Here is a quick guide to help you with just that! Just like any other operating system, Chrome OS also has the option to change the default app that you use for different file types. This feature […] Read More

How To Change Screen Brightness a Chromebook?


How do you change the display brightness of your Chromebook? It is pretty simple. Chromebooks have dedicated keys for this. Look for the brightness keys on your top row of function keys. You should see the following keys for increasing and reducing the screen brightness: If you are using a non-Chromebook keyboard, like an external […] Read More

Headphones Not Working On Chromebook


Here is the basic troubleshooting steps that you can follow if you are unable to use headphones / earphones with your Chromebook. Headphones should work with any Chromebook (or Chrome OS device that has the 3.5 mm port) without any configuration. It is supposed to be a simple plug-and-play like any other operating system. However, […] Read More

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