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Google Chromebook Hacks and Tips – Latest articles with tips and hacks for your new Chromebook. Find latest news about Chromebooks and see what’s coming to your Chromebook soon.

Pixel 2.0 “Coming Soon”, Google Confirms (Kind of)

Archos announces Chromebook for France’s “Grand Digital for Schools Project”

This App Lets You Access SFTP Folders From Your Chromebook’s File Manager

Lenovo’s N20 Sequel, The Rugged N21 Chromebook Coming in March for $219?

Cloud Import, The Chrome OS Feature That Lets You Backup Files from External Drives to Google Drive Goes Live on Canary Channel

Chrome’s App Launcher Gets Google Doodles!

Chromebooks Will Soon Automatically Set Timezone Based on Location

Windows 3.11 on a Chromebook #video

Digitimes: Google to Launch 2-in-1 Chromebooks This Year; Will Run Android and Chrome OS

Chrome OS Is Being Tested On Intel’s Latest “Skylake” Chips

Chromebook Smart Unlock – Only When Your Phone is Within Arm’s Reach

Dell Updates Chromebook 11 with Gorilla Glass and Touchscreen Variant. Starts at $249

Files App in Chrome OS Gets Material Design Makeover

Admins Can Now Lock Lost or Stolen Chromebooks Remotely

ARM Chromebooks Can Now Upload Files to Google Play Music

You Can Now Connect Scanner to Chromebooks

Google Admin Console Gets Material Design Makeover

Chrome OS’ Virtual Keyboard to Get Android Like Gesture Typing?

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