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Android on Chromebooks: Goodbye ARC, hello Containers

Yesterday we told you that Android apps coming to Chromebooks was official, based off of an announcement on Google's official Chrome blog. Today I'm here to tell you that Android apps coming to Chromebooks is now super official, as there was an entire session dedicated to it at Google's I/O Developer conference. It doesn't get more […] Read More


Official Chrome Extension for Google Spaces

Spaces, the new group messaging app from Google, is here. We are all playing around with it and trying to figure out if we really need another service like this, and how this will be used. To make that process easy, here is the official Chrome extension for Google Spaces. I am still trying to understand […] Read More


“Web Maker” Lets You Run HTML, CSS & JavaScript Experiments on New Tab Page

Today, I was perusing around when I came across a pretty neat Chrome extension developed by Kushagra Gour (@chinchang457 for you Twitter users) called Web Maker. If you’re a regular user of apps like or, then this might just be the Chrome extension you’ve been waiting for. Codepen and Jsfiddle are pretty […] Read More


“Salmon Player” for Chrome – Beautiful Design, Play Local Media or Stream From Google Drive and Dropbox

This must be one of the most beautiful Chrome apps that I have seen so far and that is why I am recommending it while it is still in beta. Salmon Player is a lightweight media player for Chrome and Chrome OS. You can install this on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Chrome OS. Currently, […] Read More


“Readism” Extension for Chrome Provides Reading Time Estimates For Articles

Reading time estimates are a signature feature of Medium.  Readism is a Chrome extension that wants to add this feature to any article on the web. According to the developer, "Readism intelligently scans the page for articles and other readable content and tells you how long it will take to read them. Once installed, your productivity […] Read More


“Focusbook” Wants to Help You Waste Less Time With Facebook

Do you open Facebook for something and forget about it and just stay on and on there, quite often?. You need help. I also use Facebook as a procrastinating tool. When I read about Focusbook, a Chrome extension that wants to help Chrome users spend less time on Facebook, I also wanted to give it  a […] Read More


Save Links to “Inbox” With This Official Chrome Extension

After you save that important web page to Google Keep and Google Save, please remember to save them to your Inbox too. There is an official Chrome extension for that too! Inbox by Gmail is Google's second take on email. I honestly cannot remember how the Gmail inbox looks like. I have never opened Gmail after […] Read More


Save to Google Keep With This Official Chrome Extension

Google Keep has always been this mystery kid of the family to me. The product lives off-the-radar for the most time and gets press occasionally (there hasn't been many occasions). Yesterday was such an occasion. Lack of regular news or updates does not mean that this app is not popular. The number of installations and […] Read More


Tab Organizer Groups Your Open Chrome Tabs by Website

I have 6 tabs open as I write this, including this very page where I am writing this post. That's not many. However, if you are someone who keep many many tabs open while working, or researching for something, here is an extension that you will find useful. I occasionally open more than 10 tabs. At work, […] Read More


Discover Beautiful Instagram Photos on Your Chrome New Tab Page With This Extension

Looks like New Tab Page is one of the most happening places on Chrome. We have seen many Chrome extensions that make the New Tab Page more beautiful and useful. Here is one more such extension. "Take Four" is a Chrome extension that will place beautiful Instagram photos and photographers on your new tab page. […] Read More

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