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Hangouts 13.0 for Android Released With Chrome Custom Tabs Support


Hangouts is stilling hanging in there. The release of Duo and Allo is not making Hangouts go, as some of us thought. Hangouts, official Google application that replaced Google Talk, has also been updated to bring support for Chrome Custom Tabs to the app on Android. Chrome Custom Tabs give apps more control over their […] Read More

Bring Twitter Night Mode to the Web with this Chrome Extension


If you enjoy the dark theme on Twitter's mobile app for Android and iOS, a new extension is in place to bring you pretty much the same experience on Web. Twitter Web- Night Mode. Night mode is enabled by default and it can be switched to the default theme by clicking on the Twitter icon that […] Read More

W Zoom – Chrome Extension for Per-Tab Zooming


Zoom in and zoom out are features all Chrome users use often. However, the zoom feature is not pertained to just one tab you open. Zooming in on a per-tab basis is a difficult task, and a solution to this problem is using W Zoom- the Chrome extension which can perform per-tab/per-origin/per-path zooming. Read on. […] Read More

Chirp for Chrome-The Best Tool for Tweeting Quotes from Articles


Highlight, screenshot and post to twitter in one click. That's what Chirp does to you. Use Chirp for Twitter and the character limit in Twitter doesn't limit you from tweeting what you want. So, what does it do? Highlight any text from any article and post it to Twitter in one click.  Chirp lets you snap […] Read More

Hangouts Chrome Extension Updated with New UI


A new version of the Google Hangouts Chrome extension will be made available as the default for new users, and opt-in for existing users on August 31, 2016, according to a new update on the official Google Apps blog post.  As an intelligent way to maintain the Chrome app interface, this move comes right after the recent […] Read More

Google Launches Official Chrome Extension To Go Back With Backspace Key


Google Chrome recently removed the option to go back using the backspace key. The new keyboard shortcut is Alt + Arrow keys. Yesterday, Google released an official Chrome extension to get the backspace key behavior back. The new extension is called Go Back With Backspace. Here is the official description: Go back with the backspace button! […] Read More

Speedtest adds Chrome extension to test internet speed


You will be familiar with Speedtest- the much famous broadband testing and analysis tool that helps an online user find out how connected they actually are. Speedtest views your service's performance history, then share and compare with others near you. If you have been using this service by leaving the page you are working on, […] Read More

BriefTube to summarize your YouTube video lectures


If you love to watch educational videos on YouTube, here is a way to summarize your lessons without much effort. BriefTube helps you with your studies by acquiring the information you need much faster by automatically creating a Table of Content and making the video searchable. You just have to tap the icon of this Chrome extension to […] Read More

“Training for Google Apps” is a Chrome Extension That Adds Interactive Training To Google Services


Training for Google Apps is a Google Chrome extension that adds interactive training modules to Google services like Gmail and Calendar etc. Google services are easy to use. However, almost all of them have hidden features and shortcuts that not everyone knows. There are experts who use such features and make the best out of each […] Read More

Smart Tab Mute Ensures One Tab Plays Audio at a Time


We are used to opening multiple windows at the same time and wondering which tab has the audio playing. You then close one of the tabs by mistake and realize that's the one you actually wanted open. There is a smart extension in place for people like us who don't want to jump back and forth […] Read More

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