Viewing: Google Chrome – A Handy Task Manager and Organiser

moo is the task manager that helps you bring all of your data into one interface with a built-in email client. This helps you manage your emails more efficiently. The interface is made content friendly so that you can write your tasks in almost the same way as you would scribble on paper or in a simple […] Read More

Chrome Web Store to Start Support for Cuba

A recent email from Google to registered Chrome Developers focused on the Search giant's intention to extend support for themes, apps and free extensions to Cuba. This is about to begin from October 19. According to a post in androidcentral, "the default language for the Cuban Chrome Store and any content with multi-language support published there […] Read More

Google Releases Chrome Canary Channel For Android


For those who love testing out Google Chrome's latest features, the Canary channel is the easiest way, without breaking things on their daily web experience. A bunch of Chrome OS fans who cannot wait for new features also live on the Canary channel for Chrome OS. Now, Google is making this available for Android devices […] Read More

Acer’s New 15″ Chromebook Starts At Just $199


Acer has announced a new Chromebook, a 15 incher, with a very affordable $199 price tag. I am not sure if we really need yet another Chromebook with 2 GB RAM and 1366×768 resolution but here we are. The Walmart listing for this new Chromebook has nicely organized the specs for us: 15.6" display LED-backlit Display Intel […] Read More

Browse the Web in Private with Incognito mode in Chrome


Incognito mode is a mode or privacy feature available in some web browsers that disable browsing history and the web cache. This helps a person to browse the Web without storing data that could be seen or retrieved in the future. Now, Google Chrome supports erasing the record of what you visit and download by allowing you to browse the web in incognito […] Read More

The Chromebook Pro is here. Well almost.


Not long ago, a Google Opinion Rewards survey was sent out that had a very intriguing question. The question was this: "How would you think a Chromebook Pro is different than a Chromebook?" This was the first time we had heard the term "Chromebook Pro", and it was the last, until now. For about 3 […] Read More

Automatically Create Website Citations with Cite This For Me Chrome Extension


An extension is in place as a handy tool that saves hours of work for all the Research Scholars, Bloggers and students who use citations in their documentation. Cite This for Me automatically creates citations of websites in the APA, MLA, Chicago, or Harvard referencing styles, all at the click of a button. You just have to browse […] Read More

Chrome Extension to Share Access to Websites without Disclosing Your Login Credentials


If you want to securely share access to websites with your colleagues and family without giving away your username and password, here's a new Chrome extension in place - AccessURL. This gives you a secure URL that temporarily gives others access to the website you're currently signed into. For instance, you can use AccessURL to share […] Read More

Slice Watch – Get Notified When an Item in Your List Drops in Price


Those who have used Slice will know that it is a shopper's best friend for keeping track of everything you buy online. With Slice, you can track packages you are expecting on your doorstep, keep a record of your spending habits so you can see how much you’re spending, get notifications on product recall alerts and even […] Read More

This Extension Adds A “Random” Button for Netflix


Netflix does not have as much social features as I want. However it does have suggestions and plenty of categories to browse through. If you are to ignore all that and watch a random movie or a TV show, I mean, if you really want to do that, there is a Chrome extension for that. […] Read More

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