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Handle: Inbox, To-do List, Calendar All in One

Think outside the inbox. An app called Handle has hit the market which helps you combine your to-dos, email, and calendar so you know exactly what you need to accomplish on a daily basis. Handle works with your existing Gmail or Google account. This is what Handle does for you in a nutshell: Turn emails into to-dos by […] Read More

This Chrome Extension Lets You Unfollow Everyone on Twitter With Just One Click

I don't know if I had the idea of cleaning up my Twitter stream after seeing this extension, but I did that just now. My stream was not really interesting, because I followed people at random without keeping any specific goal for my Twitter activities. Now that I know what I want to do with […] Read More

Clean Google Calendar Appears Nicer on Your Desktop

A chrome application that makes Google Calendar look nicer and appear on the desktop is how the developer call the application- Clean Google Calendar. Available on Google Web Store, this interface for Google Calendar makes it more straightforward and enjoyable to use. Source: The app works pretty much the same way as your GCal does, but […] Read More

Ability To Print Natively Coming To Chromebooks

Yes, you read that correctly. Some time soon-ish, you will be able to print from your Chromebook, without having to use Google Cloud Print. At the moment, there are two ways to print from a Chromebook, and both are fairly limiting. Method 1: Google Cloud Print. This is a great option that is not exclusive […] Read More

Watch Netflix Remotely with Netflix Party

A recent addition to Chrome, Netflix Party is a Chrome extension for watching Netflix remotely with your long-distance friends. It synchronizes video playback. You can also group chat with friends using the chat sidebar available in the app, so you can co-watch without even having to talk. Steps to get Netflix Party: Install Netflix Party from Chrome Web […] Read More

EscapeYourBubble Shows You Articles That Favor a Group You Are Not Part Of

U.S elections just got over, but the tension still remains in the air. View points differ, and they mostly reach a stage where you end up seeing or reading only one side of the whole perspective. Here is an extension that helps you read curated articles you might not have come across till date, mainly because […] Read More

Check Your To-Do Lists on Gmail with Wunderlist

If you have used or are familiar with Add to Wunderlist extension that lets you save links and web pages for later, you will love this new extension for Gmail, from the same team. Wunderlist in Gmail creates a right frame in Gmail and Google Calendar pages, so that you always remember to check Wunderlist […] Read More

LOL! Is This a New Chromebook Feature?

A Chromebook shipment from Amazon came with this, lots and lots of glitter: Redditor delasouljaboy posted a picture of his Chromebook shipment on the social networking site which immediately got a lot of attention. Redditors are trying to figure out what might have happened with this shining Chromebook box. The most popular theory is that the increase […] Read More

Bookmark chrome://restart to Instantly Restart Chrome

Here is a bookmark that you can use to restart Chrome, instantly. Add chrome://restart to your bookmarks to restart Chrome with a single click. You can even add it to the Chrome bookmarks bar to have it available all the time. To add this bookmark, press CTRL + D from any page. This will create […] Read More

Enpass – The Offline Password Manager Now Available for Chromebook

Google announcing support of Android apps and Google Play Store on Chromebooks helped developers behind Enpass build their Password Manager extension for Google Chrome. Enpass secures your passwords, and other credentials offline on your device and is available for all major desktop, mobiles and tablets. Enpass Browser extensions lets you create strong and unique passwords […] Read More

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