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Google To Retire Chrome Apps For Windows, Mac, and Linux


Google is phasing out Chrome Apps on Windows, Mac and Linux. Chrome OS will continue to have them. Google will be removing support for both packaged apps and hosted app. As we continue our efforts to simplify Chrome, we believe it’s time to begin the evolution away from the Chrome apps platform. There are two […] Read More

Chrome 54 for Android lists Google Now suggested articles on New Tab page


Open up a new tab page on Chrome 54, and you will see a whole list of recommended news articles on the page. Chrome 54, which is currently in the Dev channel has made these quite useful features available by default and hopefully makes its way to other platforms soon. Pic source: This also has a section for 'Recent […] Read More

How To Hide A Device From “Synced Tabs” In Chrome’s History


Google Chrome syncs your open tabs across devices. However, what if you want to hide one of those devices from your history? Google Chrome's history page lists tabs recently opened on other devices that you use the same Chromesync account. This shows up as a list on top of your browsing history on Chrome's chrome://history […] Read More

Google Launches Official Chrome Extension To Go Back With Backspace Key


Google Chrome recently removed the option to go back using the backspace key. The new keyboard shortcut is Alt + Arrow keys. Yesterday, Google released an official Chrome extension to get the backspace key behavior back. The new extension is called Go Back With Backspace. Here is the official description: Go back with the backspace button! […] Read More

HP Printer Owners; Print From Your Chromebook Without Google Cloud Print


Printing has always been a thorn in the side of the Chromebook Movement. In order to achieve the amount of security and speed that Chromebooks boast, sacrifices needed to be made. One such sacrifice is the ability to install software/drivers. This means that you can't print from a Chromebook using the traditional method, because traditionally printing […] Read More

Chrome OS – How To Highlight Mouse Cursor While It Moves


A recent update to Chrome OS Dev channel has added a bunch of accessibility features. One of them is highlighting the mouse cursor while it is moving. I am not an expert on accessibility, but I haven't seen any serious complaints about Chrome OS on this front. Chrome OS offers a host of accessibility features […] Read More

How to Get Back to its Old Look from Chrome’s Material Design


With a goal to create a visual language that combines classic principles of good design with the innovation and reach of technology, Google Developed a single underlying system that allows for a unified experience across platforms and device sizes. Google Chrome's Material Design was accepted by many who loved to have a slightly new look […] Read More

Use ALT + ARROW To Go Back On Tabs On Google Chrome


Google Chrome recently disabled the option to navigate tab history using the backspace key. Most of us welcome this change, but for those who miss this keyboard shortcut, here is the new shortcut: ALT + LEFT ARROW According to Google, out of all the backspace hits on Chrome,  0.04% was for actually going back to the […] Read More

Chrome 53 Beta For Android Brings New API For Web Based Payments


Beyond building a popular browser, Google's intention with Chrome is to make a better web, which will be good for both users and Google's business. Here is an example, PaymentRequest API PaymentRequest is a new API that Google has added to Chrome for Android, currently available in version 53 Beta. This is intended to make online […] Read More

Can We Please Stop Calling Chrome A ‘Web Browser’?


The Chrome web browser is a memory hog. I get it. We all get it. We've all seen the memes, and nobody's denying it. But using a lot of RAM isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's only bad if it's wasting the RAM by not doing anything important. It's like a Shelby Mustang GT. Sure, […] Read More

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