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Google Now Offers Free 60 Days Trial For Chrome Device Management Console


Google is making it easy for administrators to try and purchase the Chrome Device Management Console. Admins can now sign up for a free trial right from their Admin Console. From the blog post: If you’re a current Google Apps customer, we’re making it easier than ever to set up Chrome device management for managing […] Read More

W Zoom – Chrome Extension for Per-Tab Zooming


Zoom in and zoom out are features all Chrome users use often. However, the zoom feature is not pertained to just one tab you open. Zooming in on a per-tab basis is a difficult task, and a solution to this problem is using W Zoom- the Chrome extension which can perform per-tab/per-origin/per-path zooming. Read on. […] Read More

Microsoft Responds To Google’s Response To Microsoft’s Battery Tests On Chrome


Microsoft did a battery test to show that Chrome is horrible with laptop batteries. That was a while back. Recently, Google replied to their tests to say that with Chrome version 53, things are much lighter on battery life. Now, Microsoft has responded to that response, with more tests. In a new blog post, Microsoft […] Read More

Chrome For Android Testing Built-in “Read It Later” Feature


With all the features that my favorite read it later app Pocket gives, I am not sure if I am going to use this Chrome feature, but here goes. Google Chrome for Android is currently testing a native read it later service. Google Chrome for Android Beta version 53.0.2785.97 or later has this feature hidden behind a flag, […] Read More

Chrome For Android Can Now Play YouTube Videos In The Background


The latest update to Google Chrome for Android Beta comes with support for a new API: Page Visibility 2. This allows apps like YouTube to continue playing even when you switch tabs or apps. You can even turn the screen off and continue to listen to the audio. This is not a YouTube only thing. Developers […] Read More

Chrome Gets Google Plus Push Notifications


If you visited Google Plus recently on Chrome you might have seen a bubble asking your permission to send you notifications. This is because Google Chrome now supports push notifications from Google's social network. Most of the press calls Google Plus a ghost town, but I still love it. I still find a lot of news […] Read More

Chromecast Preview Channel: How To Opt-In


We here at Chromestory love to beta test things. Especially Chrome things, like our Chromebooks. I myself own a Chromebook Pixel (2015) which has access to Android apps, as long as it's on the Beta channel. It's just fun. Fun getting features before other people, fun being a part of the testing and feedback process. It's […] Read More

Photo Resizing Coming to Chrome OS?


**UPDATE** OK so it's definitely legit. Here's the source: Several tech blogs have reported that Chrome OS will soon have the option to resize photos using the built in image editor. This is definitely a welcomed addition to the Chrome operating system as you will no longer need to rely on third party apps such […] Read More

Android Pay Welcomes Chase. Hits the Web via Chrome

Texture of fresh painted wooden surface. White wooden table

Tap. Pay. Done. That's what Android Pay is all about. With Android Pay you can simply unlock your phone, place it near a contact-less terminal, and you are good to go without the need to open an app. Android Pay is accepted at millions of stores across the US, and is now available in your Android apps. Google has expanded its […] Read More

Chrome Dev Adds Page Download and Offline Veiwing Options


Chrome Dev for Android adds download manager and page saver feature as part of its recent batch of updates. Google has integrated the option to download the active web pages right into the Chrome menu. The download manager in Chrome Dev app resembles the one already available in the desktop browser’s built-in download manager. It’s already available for use if you’re […] Read More

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