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Chrome and Chrome OS Related News For You

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Chrome’s New “Media Router & Web Presentation API” – Google Cast and Beyond

Google Chrome Drops SPDY for HTTP/2

Six More Android Apps Make it to Chrome OS #chromeweekender

Material Design Slowly Making Its Way to Chrome #chromeweekender

How to Remove the “Apps” icon from Chrome Bookmark Bar

Chrome for iOS Gets Material Design and “Handoff” Support

Google Pulling The Plug on “Chrome to Mobile” Next Month, Wants You to Use Chromesync Instead

Chromebooks to Get “Boot from USB” for Other Operating Systems, Spotify “Might” Come to Chromecast #chromeweekender

Google Patents “Automatic Private Browsing”

Google Tests “Mixed Content” and Other “Potentially Annoying Security Features” for Chrome

How to Disable Chrome’s New User Menu

Google Brings Chrome Remote Desktop To iOS; Access Your Desktop from iPhone or iPad

Spotify won’t support Google Cast #chromeweekender

Introducing “Chrome Story”, the Flipboard Magazine

More 15″ Chromebook Rumors & New Keyboard Auto Correct #chromeweekender

Chrome Developer Tools Can Now Tell You Protocol Used to Fetch Each Resource

Why You Should Check Google’s Chromecast Offers Page Regularly #chromeweekender

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