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This Extension Plays Popular Songs from Chrome’s Toolbar

Want a music jukebox on your Chrome toolbar? Instant Music is a Chrome extension for just that!.

If you are behind the trend or too tired of looking for the music you want, Instant Music is the right music player for you. You can pick a genre of your choice, select a number of songs you want to listen to, and play right away. It’s like a jukebox for your browser except that it plays the latest famous songs instantly for free.

So, it does all the searching and finding a free streaming source (Youtube!) so that you can just sit back and enjoy! And yes, there are keyboard shortcuts for music control. Here:


  • Play/Pause: Ctrl + Shift + X
  • Next Song: Ctrl + Shift + Period
  • Previous Song: Ctrl + Shift + Comma
  • Repeat This: Ctrl + Shift + L

Default for Mac:

  • Play/Pause: Command + Shift + X
  • Next Song: Command + Shift + Period
  • Previous Song: Command + Shift + Comma
  • Repeat This: Command + Shift + L

chrome extensions  This Extension Plays Popular Songs from Chromes Toolbar

Here is a video demo to get you started.

Install the extension from here.

Dayboard Puts Your Todo List on Chrome’s New Tab Page

Here is a Chrome extension to put productivity right on to your New Tab Page. Dayboard – New Tab Page replace the new tab page with a to do list that helps you focus on your most important tasks each day.


✔ a minimal todo list
✔ focus mode that shows you one task at a time
✔ a history to show you your progress
✔ keep your tasks in sync on different machines (via Google Sync)

Coming soon:

✔ connect with team members to keep track of what everyone’s working on
✔ turn off your reminders when your work day is over

chrome extensions  Dayboard Puts Your Todo List on Chromes New Tab Page

The Focus Mode is really useful when you need to get a single important task to focus on. It works like a reminder each time you open a new tab, most of the times to move to distractions (at least in my case!)

The Settings and Login options are set to “Coming Soon” so I am hoping that some kind of syncing is coming soon to the app. A todo list that won’t sync across machines is not much of use, especially on the Chrome ecosystem.

There is a lot of work pending on this extension, and hopefully we will see all that sometime soon. But for now, give it a try just for its simplicity and good looks!

Like it? Get it here. Brings Facebook’s Chat Heads to Chrome

This post is about bringing one of the Facebook features that I hate the most, to Chrome. I am talking about those chat heads.

I hate Facebook’s chat heads because it breaks the fundamental idea behind the smartphone UI, iOS or Android. It is the same reason I gave up Samsung’s TouchWhiz, those multi windows were really crazy.

chrome extensions Brings Facebook’s Chat Heads to Chrome

However, if you are a fan of Chat Heads and been craving for it on your PC, here is a perfect extension or you. Install this, login to Facebook and the app will launch as a separate browser. It keeps you logged in even after you close the app. If you receive a message while you are away from the app, you will see the Chat Heads just like your iPhone and Android apps.

Want it? Get it here.

via Lifehacker.

Google Play Movies App for Chrome OS Now Works Offline Too!

As promised, Google Play Movies app for Chrome OS has been updated with offline support. This means you can download Google Play Movies for enjoying them while you are offline.

Here is the official announcement:

chrome extensions  Google Play Movies App for Chrome OS Now Works Offline Too!

The new Google Play Movies & TV Chrome app makes your favorite movies and TV shows on your Chromebook available any time, anywhere – even without a WiFi connection.

In addition to offline mode on Chrome OS, it also brings Info Cards and an improved Chromecast and local playback experience to anyone watching movies through the Chrome browser.

You can download the updated app from here.

chrome extensions  Google Play Movies App for Chrome OS Now Works Offline Too!

And as I always say, give me a proper Google Play Books app for offline reading. A real Chrome app with some nice fonts and all that!

“Smart Pause for YouTube” Will Pause Videos When You Stop Watching

This is not as cool as Samsung’s smart stay gimmick on their Android phones, but something close. Smart Pause for YouTube is a Chrome extension that will pause Youtube videos when you move away from the youtube tab.

And resume playback when you get back to the tab. Yes. Here is the official description:

Smart Pause for Youtube automatically pauses currently playing videos on YouTube once you leave the page and resumes playback as soon as you return.

chrome extensions  Smart Pause for YouTube Will Pause Videos When You Stop Watching

Sounds like a really good idea, except for those who use Youtube as a source of music while working online. But hey, Youtube is for videos, not music. Get it?

Download the Chrome extension from here.

Bing Photo of The Day As Your Chromebook’s Wallpaper? Download This Extension

Did I say automatically?

Bing Background Wallpaper is a Chrome extension made jut for Chromebooks, to download and set Bing’s daily photo of the day as wallpaper.

Note: This works only on the Chrome OS developer channel for now.

I have been waiting for something like this from the day I knew that Chrome OS is getting wallpapers (that was in 2012!!) Here is the official description:

This Chrome app automatically sets Bing’s “Image of the day” as the desktop wallpaper on Chrome OS devices like Chromebooks, Chromeboxes, Chromebase etc.

Note 2: This is Chrome OS only and does not work on Windows, OSX or Linux.

chrome extensions  Bing Photo  of The Day As Your Chromebooks Wallpaper? Download This Extension

For me, the desktop wallpaper on my Chromebook has a big influence on how I feel about sitting in front of it to work. Getting a new wallpaper every day seems to be a nice treat for me! All I have to do for that, is install and just forget about this extension. A few seconds after I login to my Chromebook, it has the new Bing image as wallpaper for me.

If you are on the Chrome OS developer channel, grab the extension from here. Others, hold on for a few more weeks!

via OMG Chrome.

“Music Bubbles” Adds Quick and Innovative Google Play Music Controls to Chrome

Are you into this Google Play Music thing? I mean, really into it? If yes, here is a Chrome extension that you will enjoy for sure.

Music Bubbles gives you Google Play Music controls in a small circle, that you can place anywhere on the screen while browsing. So, while you are reading something on a website, you don’t have to go to the Google Play tab to change the song, or play or pause the current song. “It embeds itself into any website you visit but remains in any unobtrusive location you place it in” the developer says.

chrome extensions  Music Bubbles Adds Quick and Innovative Google Play Music Controls to Chrome


Quick access to:
- Play/Pause
- Previous/Next
- Like/Dislike
- Volume control
- Track name
- Song progress bar

Other features
- Dims into background when not used
- Move it around to your preferred location
- Quick tutorial to get you used to it
- Easily blacklist it from certain sites

Sounds cool? Get it here.

G.lux Adjusts Color Temperature on Your Chromebook Like F.lux

Feeling left out on your Chromebook without F.lux? Here is a Chrome extension that lets you adjust color temperature!

I heard about F.lux on a group hangout with my Chrome buddies (hi guys!) while they were discussing about its debut on Android. And today, I am really happy to have found this Chrome extension (thanks Lifehacker!) that lets you almost the same thing on any Chromebook.

Over to the official description:

G.lux is an unofficial variation of F.lux, a desktop app that automatically changes the colour temperature of your monitor as the sun goes down. Monitors are typically daylight balanced, which can interfere with your sleep cycle when using them after sunset. The human brain wants to be ‘awake’ when it sees daylight, so the idea here is that we can change the screen colour temperature at night to a “tungsten” or orange-balanced colour.

As the developer notes in the features list, this app is useful for those who without administrative rights on Windows PCs, like say, work computer.

chrome extensions  G.lux Adjusts Color Temperature on Your Chromebook Like F.lux

The main drawback of G.lux is that it doesn’t switch temperatures automatically, though the developer says that it’s “coming soon.”

Give it a try from here!

This Chrome Calendar App Works Offline, Syncs with iCloud, Google Calendar and Facebook Events

And they call it Sunrise.

There is one more attraction here. The app looks gorgeous too; designed with love as the developer puts it. Here is the official list of features:

• Gorgeous design that will change how you think about calendars.
• Works offline! Work from the plane, or over a bad internet connection.
• Compatible with Google Calendar and iCloud. Seamless synchronization.
• Get started with one click.
• A completely redesigned calendar experience for your desktop.
• Facebook Events and Birthdays included.
• See the faces of people you are meeting with.
• Smart icons.
• Attach a location map to your events.
• Connect multiple Google Calendars.

When you first launch the app, you can login using Google Plus, Facebook or sign up using your email address. Once you set up your social profiles and connections, the app becomes a lot more than your regular calendar app. The app will scan your social network and find “events” like, birthdays from Facebook, recent check-ins from Foursquare etc.

chrome extensions  This Chrome Calendar App Works Offline, Syncs with iCloud, Google Calendar and Facebook Events

chrome extensions  This Chrome Calendar App Works Offline, Syncs with iCloud, Google Calendar and Facebook Events

This app can easily become your one stop social calendar. Download and install it from here if you are excited!

via OMG Chrome.

Spice up Your LGTM Comments With This Chrome Extension

Do you use LGTM (Looks Good To Me) comments on the web a lot? If yes, this is an extension that you do not want to miss. The LGTM extension for Chrome adds funny memes to your LGTM comments!


chrome extensions  Spice up Your LGTM Comments With This Chrome Extension

Official version:

- When you click a image, the image url is copied to your clipboard.
- If you have opened a*/pull/*, the markdowned image url will be inputed into a textarea.

I think there is nothing much to say about this extension. To experience it, install the extension from here.

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