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Read about latest and greatest Google Chrome extensions here. You will find a bunch of useful Chrome extensions being posted here with download links.

“Qwertyzen” is a Minimalist Text Editor App for Chrome

SHINE for Reddit is a Chrome Extension That Redesigns, Yes, Reddit

You Can Now Launch The Google Play Music App for Chrome and Start Playing, No Need to Visit Play Website!

Import your Gmail Signatures and Do More with “Gmelius for Inbox by Gmail”

This Chrome Extension Lets You Add a Background Image to Google Inbox

Dropbox Launches Official Chrome Extension to Let You Easily Adds Dropbox Files to Emails

“Mainichi” Uses Chrome’s New Tab Page to Teach You Japanese

“Elegant New Tab” for Chrome – A New Background Image Everyday for Your NTP

Want a Minimal Homepage? Install “Clearcut” for Chrome

How to Send and Receive WhatsApp Messages Using Google Chrome

This Extension Adds Adds a Spotlight-Like Search to Chrome

This Chrome Extension Lets You Browse and Watch TED Videos from Chromebook’s File Manager

“Feedly Checker” Gives Unread Items Counter and Desktop Notifications to Feedly Fans

PriceDealsIndia Helps Indian Shoppers Find The Lowest Prices While Shopping Online

An Official “Data Saver” Extension for Chrome is Getting Ready

Task Management App “Todoist” is Now Available as a Chrome App

Google Updates Santa Tracker Website and the Official Chrome Extension

“Emmet Re:View” Shows You Responsive Media-query Breakpoints For Current Page

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