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Google Chrome for Android News and Tips. This category serves up news and tips about Google Chrome on Android. If you have an Android phone or a tablet, this is a category to watch out for!

Google Chrome for Android Might Get a “Canary” Channel

Chrome for Android Beta Gets Animated WebP Images and Vibration API

Chrome for Android to Get a “Lite” Mode?

Chrome for Android is Getting a Simpler (Lighter) Tab Switcher

First Look – Official Chromoting (Chrome Remote Desktop) App for Android

New Tab Page on Chrome for Android Gets A New Design, Complete with Google Search

Chrome for Android Gets New Gestures and Search By Image

Chrome for Android – Open, Reload, and Close Tabs Without Touching your Android Device

Chrome, the Default Browser on Motorola X?

Chrome Beta for Android Gets Built-in Translation Bar

Chrome for Android Shows Update Notifications

Chrome Beta for Android Update [Feb 2013]

Chrome for Android’s Data Compression is Ready for Beta Testing

Chrome for Android Will Get Data Compression Similar to Amazon Silk and Opera Turbo

Chrome Dev Channel for Android and Beta for iOS Coming Soon?

Chrome for Android Gets Chrome Flags – Gives WebGL Without Rooting

Google Chrome Beta Channel Arrives for Android Phones and Tablets

Chrome For Android Updated With Support for Nexus 4 and Nexus 10

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