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Google Chrome on Android N


Android N Beta is here and it is exciting. I have it working on my Nexus 6 and for a beta release, it feels pretty solid. One of the first things I tried after installing Android N Beta? Google Chrome of course! There isn't anything N specific on Chrome yet. There are no rumors or […] Read More

The Pixel C Challenge, Day 7: Wherefore Art Thou Spellcheck?


This article is part of a 30 day Pixel C Challenge by  Chip Colandreo. Read all the articles from this series here. Pixel C Challenge. Last week, I took a leap on Leap Day and shelved my Chromebook Pixel in favor of Google's new Android tablet-cum-laptop, the Pixel C. I promised to use no other laptop/desktop […] Read More

I’ll use the Pixel C full-time for 30 days so you don’t have to


This article is part of a 30 day Pixel C Challenge by  Chip Colandreo. Read all the articles from this series here. Pixel C Challenge. In partnership with Chrome Story, this is the first in a series of posts about my experience working for a month with the Pixel C as my only computer. To date, […] Read More

Clearing Browsing Data on Chrome for Android Now Has Additional Options Like Desktop


If you ever tried clearing your browsing data from your computer, you will be familiar with the list of options you get. You can clear the data from: The past hour The past day The past week The past 4 weeks The beginning of time If you are doing the same thing from Chrome for […] Read More

How to Get “Touch to Search” Back in Chrome for Android


Remember "Touch to search", the fancy Chrome feature on Android that allowed us to long-press a word to search Google? Looks like that has disappeared for some reason. There is however a workaround to get it back. Here is how to get it back: Open chrome://flags in a tab. Find  for “Enable Contextual Search.” From the dropdown, […] Read More

Keyboard Shortcuts for Chrome on Android


Aka preparing Chrome for the Pixel C. Google is adding keyboard shortcuts to Chrome for Android. According to a new CL found on Chromium code, Alt+E, F10 and Backspace keyboard shortcuts are being added. Here is the commit log: Add some keyboard shortcuts to Chrome on Android This CL adds support of Alt+E, F10 and Backspace […] Read More

Google Brings “Safe Browsing” to Chrome for Android


Safe Browsing, a desktop only security service from Google, is now available for Chrome users on Android. With version 46 of Chrome for Android, Google is bringing this to mobile users (Android for now). Ever seen a read page warning you about the site you are about to visit? That is Google's Safe Browsing service. Here […] Read More

Chrome on Android Has a New Data Saving Feature Promising 70% Savings


Chrome for Android has a data saving feature that reduces your phone's data usage while browsing. It sends pages through Google's own servers to crunch them and reduce the page size. Now, Google has announced a new feature promising to save up to 70% data usage on slower internet connections. When Chrome detects a slow […] Read More

Chrome for Android – “Theme Color” Without Merging Tabs


Do you guys remember the little color thing that Chrome for Android introduced around Android Lollipop release? If admins added a small line of code on to their website, Chrome will make them look more "native" on Android. This worked well with the merged tabs (the feature that includes open Chrome tabs in Android's system menu […] Read More

This Chrome Bug on Android Saves Information About Some Sites Your Visit in Incognito


Google Chrome's Incognito mode is designed to stop the browser from storing any information about the sites you visit in that mode. Version 45 of Chrome on Android however has a bug that allows some sites to store information on your phone or tablet. According to VentureBeat, this has already been fixed in the next release, […] Read More

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