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Hi there - welcome to the party! provides awesome Google Chrome Tips and Latest news about Chrome Browser and Chrome OS. Mixed with tips, news, and extensions, this is a cool place for Google Chrome users. You can join the fun FREE of cost !

Google Chrome Themes – Gallery 2011

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  1. To all; I am a long time user of Google products. I recently added a second Gmail address, then my trouble began. My new email acct became “blocked”. I was able to correct this not knowing how. I was using the Firefox browser and the Chrome browser with different email access results. I spent hours reading the Google email website. I still have no solution for my mistakes? I am 80+ and can understand the need for a SIMPLE web computer after using windows all these years.

  2. Sharon Milton

    15/07/2011 at 8:11 am

    I would love to receive a free chrome notebook. I do so much over the web, need to be able to access with my own notebook. It would be much appreciated.

    Sharon Koskela
    6363 McKenzie Dr
    Flint, Mi 48507

  3. How do I get access to the 100 tips for Chrome Ebook after I register?

    • look at the bottom of every entry in the feed. If you subscribed using email, wait for the next email from chromestory to come in…

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