[Rumour] Samsung ARM Chromebook Upgrade coming in 2014 with Octa Core Processor and 3GB RAM

The $249 Samsung ARM Chromebook was the first Chromebook Google launched as “For Everyone”. It stayed on Amazon’s top selling laptops list for months. But it failed to receive any upgrade love from Samsung or Google. HP Chromebook was launched recently, but it was not really an upgrade. The internals and processing power remained almost the same as Samsung ARM, and only the industrial design changed (and it changed really well!).

We all have been asking, what next for Samsung ARM Chromebook. And today, we have an answer, or at least a rumoswer, from businesskorea.co.kr.

Business Korea reports that Samsung is preparing the upgraded ARM Chromebook for 2014. Well, they just have the year, not a quarter or a month, which is unfortunate. But they have put together some specs, which is convincing, but obvious.

  • Exynos 5 Octa 5420 processor
  • Price $250 – $300
  • 16GB or 32GB SSD
  • 12″ or less screen
  • 2560×1600 resolution
  • 3GB RAM
  • Slightly over 1 Kg on weight
  • 7 hours battery life
  • Possibly, USB 3.0 port

That is just basic upgrade that anyone would expect. But let me add things from my wishlist here. Couple of features that will help Samsung rock the Chromebook market again.

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  • Add the Micro USB charger like HP Chromebook 11
  • A better design (Samsung ARM Chromebook was good, but HP’s Chromebook 11 looks cool!)
  • Touchscreen (Acer did it, so can you Samsung!)

What do you guys think?

via Korea Business Thanks Terrance Henry

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  • Peter

    What is missing is, more RAM (at least 4 Gbyte, better more) especially when using resource-intensive apps such as Tweetdeck or Kindle Cloud Reader and with many tabs open. There is also no information about a port to connect an external monitor. The HP (11″) does not seem to have such a port and that is a serious limitation. What about this Chromebook ????

    • HP11 micro-usb port is slimport compatible, which means you can use an adapter to connect to external monitors.

    • Brian Sturgill

      Agree with the need for 4Gb of RAM and the connector to the external monitor. What I don’t understand is why the author is advocating for a touch screen. Please, please no touch screen (or do what Acer did and make it an option).

      • davidlt

        4GB of RAM is not possible as RAM is inside SOC. Only few days ago Samsung announced LPDDR4 memory modules, which allow 4GB in SOC, but this is for Exynos 6 sometime in 2014.

  • Steve

    detachable screen

  • Rex Rollman

    Touch screen? God no!