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New Asus Chromebooks in Q1 2014

Asus is planning to release two Chromebooks in Q1 2014, news report says. There will be a $249 model and a $199 model.

Taipei, Nov. 13 (CNA) Asustek Computer Inc. plans to launch up to two notebook computer models running Google Inc.’s Chrome operating system in the first quarter next year, an answer to rising demand for the Web-based devices, the computer maker announced Wednesday.

Asustek is planning a US$249 model, a price which CEO Jerry Shen says generates “reasonable profit margins,” and is mulling models priced around US$199.

Chromebook sales in the United States are estimated to hit 3 million units this year and grow to 4 million in 2014, Shen said during an earnings conference with investors.

We already know that Asus has a Chromebox getting ready for release. Is the $199 device the Chromebox?


And then there is the silence from Samsung on Chromebook updates. Are they preparing something more attractive, with a touchscreen, better processors and the $249 price tag? Shopping season is already here, and I am wondering what they are up to.




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  • Jim

    Now, if all the apps and security of Android would be as auto-update as on the Chromebook, then there would truly be something to brag about and be most interesting and important if and when the dual boot of Windows and Android becomes a reality.