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Chromoting to Support Multiple Remote Desktop Sessions

Chromoting the remote desktop app for Chrome, Chrome OS and Android is getting support for simultaneous sessions. Here is the report from the  daily:

The Chromoting Packaged App has now a “New connection” option to allow multiple sessions to run at the same time.

For information, Chromoting Packaged App builds are freely available at<Revision>/ where <Revision> is the Chromium Build Revision Number you’re looking for.
The last know good revision can be found at

Be aware though that these builds won’t update automatically unlike the official Chrome Remote Desktop Extension.

The Chromoting now lets users create new connection from the toolbar by selecting New connection. Notes from the developers indicate that the UI will change, and we might see something different, like a button or a menu option to create new connections.


Google is busy bringing up the Chromoting as a cross-platform solution. The Android app is almost ready and I am wondering when they will integrate Chromoting with Google Plus Hangouts.