Chrome OS Is Now a Windows 8 App – No, I am not Kidding!

Is there something wrong with the title of this article? May be. I am talking about Chrome running on Windows 8.1metro mode. But it looks just like Chrome OS. It has the same user interface, and has Chrome Apps.

Meet Aura – The Magic Software that Turns Any OS in to Chrome OS

Allow me to use ‘s little write up on what Aura is.

Aura is the (not so) new UI stack that we use in Chrome OS. It does not use native widgets for controls and it fully uses the GPU when available. Compared with the traditional UI stack as seen in Chrome 28 or 29, the only native element is the top level window. Everything else is drawn by Chrome, composited by the Chrome Compositor and uses Angle/GPU to present to the screen. Focus/Activation and in general input ins managed differently as well.

Q:Why are we doing this?
A:Because we want to unify the UI stack across platforms. The end result is that Windows, Linux and Chrome OS will use the same UI stack while today each have a different one. Along the way we gain much flexibility to do fluid UI animations; the kind you can see today in Chrome OS shell.

In short, it is the magic wand that turns Windows and Linux in to Chrome OS, making users feel like “Alice in Wonderland” (or Google land)

Windows 8.1 Metro Mode + Aura = Chrome OS on Windows

If you are running Google Chrome on Metro Mode on Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 (which I am using now), you get in to Chrome OS like environment, thanks to Aura.

windows 8  Chrome OS Is Now a Windows 8 App   No, I am not Kidding!

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Only thing missing (at least on the front-end) is the wallpaper. I don’t that is far away, because there is already a placeholder (grey color) for wallpaper. When Chrome OS starts syncing your Wallpaper, it will sync here too.

For now, I get:

  • Multiple windows, including incognito
  • Re-size windows and move them around just like Chrome OS
  • Apps menu
  • Apps shelf (or the task bar)
  • Settings menu on bottom-right-corner (where I get a Chrome OS like “restart to update” message), and a power down (!!) icon.
  • A nice feeling, because I love Chrome OS.

Aura has been in the works for more than a year now. I remember seeing this back in 2011. It makes complete sense now why Google has put in a lot of on this project.

Packaged Apps to Fill the Gap

When Google puts Chrome OS as a Windows 8 app, there will be things missing from the true Chromebook experience. There are a few things that they cannot do anything directly, like the insane boot speed and the instant wake up. But there are a few things that they can fix with packaged apps.

Take the example of the Files app in Chrome OS which works as the “My Computer” of Chrome OS. It is available only on Chromebooks. But if Google wants, they can do a packaged app for the Chrome platform and that will take care of it on Windows 8 too. They can use the Android strategy of publishing stock Android apps to Play Store to reduce OS fragmentation.


Things are getting hot. You guys will agree when you try this out for yourself. (Give it a few more weeks, and this will land on beta/stable channels.


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  • It really feels awesome! Will we get this update from the Chrome modern browser in Windows 8 or Google’s gonna put new app in Store? And if it’s opened in full screen so it will be a half-fledged Chrome OS of full and is there any possibility to testing it now?

  • how to try this?

  • Damn it! Am I going to have to buy Windows 8 just so I can get Chrome OS? :P

    Seriously though, any chance of this coming to Windows 7?

  • So, no need to install Chrome OS through a virtual machine then :).

    Chrome will be this virtual machine itself!

  • hell will break loose if you start a hangout conversation

  • BTW, I have W8.1. I downloaded Chrome dev. Tried running it in “Metro” mode, but it’s not working as the Chrome OS. I’ve noticed there is no “A” next to the Chrome settings button, which would indicate that Aura is not being used. Why? What am I doing wrong?

    • Can you tell me the Chrome version?

      • OK, I figured something out. The canary aura version (32.0.1656.0) launches only on the desktop. While the dev version would launch either on the desktop or the “Windows 8″ UI. So, I uninstalled the dev version. But now I can only seem to launch Chrome on the desktop. Even if I launch it from the Metro startup, it opens the desktop and launches Chrome there.

  • Just to let you know. I reinstalled the dev version (31.0.1650.4 dev-m). I can start it in Windows 8 mode, but it’s just regular-old Chrome and there is no “a” next to the setting tab. I left the canary aura version installed. Still can’t get it to start in Windows 8 mode.

  • What about Mac?


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