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How To Switch To Dev or Beta Channel on Chromecast

Chromecast rooting and hacking is making progress day-by-day. And this makes a tips collector like me busy. I have started collecting Chromecast tips, just like Chrome and Chromebook tips. Here is the latest addition to the list.

Switching to Development or Beta Channel on Chromecast

Shameless copy-paste from  on Google Plus.
1. Get root on your Chromecast. Follow the steps at:

2. telnet into your Chromecast and to get beta-channel run:
   cd /cache
   /system/bin/busybox wget -O

or for dev-channel:
    cd /cache
   /system/bin/busybox wget -O

3. From another Linux system run:

curl -X POST -H “Content-Type: application/json” -d ‘{“params”: “ota”}’ -v

Be sure to replace with your actual Chromecast IP address. The Chromecast will reboot, apply the update and you’ll be on the newer build and channel. Be aware that switching channels means you will lose root like you do for Android OTAs. The Chromecast is struggling with serious identity issues. :-) It should be possible to switch back to the stable-channel by re-running the gtvhacker root method (though I’ve not actually tested this, it’s possible it’ll just brick your device).

Anything New?


Not yet. But since more people are getting chance to play with dev and beta channels, we might see updates about what’s cooking in Chromecast kitchen, soon.

Stay tuned for more and send me any Chromecast tip you have!





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