Chrome, the Default Browser on Motorola X?

Every Google loving heart is whispering Motorola X. And looking at the leaked pics, my heart said “Chrome”! One of the leaked pictures published shows Chrome decorating the home screen of whatever Android version the phone is running.

Nexus series used to ship with Chrome as the default browser. Now that Motorola is Google’s own, it is not surprising to see Chrome being pushed forward as the default browser for Android.


I do not have the opinion that Chrome is ready for replacing the default Android browser. Chrome sure is a powerful browser, and rich with powerful features. It is constantly updated with improvements. But the experience is not smooth yet.

android  Chrome, the Default Browser on Motorola X?

If Chrome is shipped as default browser before it is really smooth, ordinary users may not enjoy it and their Android experience might get hurt. People using Chrome without knowing its powerful features expect nothing more than fast launch and smooth browsing.

Browsing is smooth for me when I use Chrome for Android, but launching is has always been something of a concern.

What do you guys think?

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  • Bob Crow

    Chrome has been the default browser in android for some time.

    • Not really. Android still ships with its own browser. Some devices ship with Chrome as default. Motorola devices and the nexus 7 etc

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