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Meet “Bolt” Another Haswell Based Chromebook (May be Touch Screen and 4GB RAM)

I was super excited the first time I found a new Chromebook’s code name in the chromium source and blogged about it. But chromebook boards spotting has become very common these days. Google seems to be testing a lot of boards these days and not all of them make it to a real Chromebook.

But this one is little different. Read on!

I spotted a new board today. By the looks of it, it is a Haswell based board named Bolt. A lot of code is available here if you are a core hardware person.



There is a file named haswell in the commit which is why I said this is  haswell based board. Another thing I noted is the RAM. The device has 4GB RAM.

But the interesting thing is, there are three different memory manufacturers mention in three different files named after them. I see

  • Samsung
  • Micron
  • Elpida

I am not sure if this is normal. I am hoping that developer friends around here can help me with this one.


The touchscreen part is also a hit or miss for me. Here is what I found in the code.

    len += smbios_write_type41( 173
»       »       current, handle, 174
»       »       BOARD_TOUCHSCREEN_NAME,»        »       /* name */ 175
»       »       BOARD_TOUCHSCREEN_IRQ,» »       /* instance */ 176
»       »       BOARD_TOUCHSCREEN_I2C_BUS,»     /* segment */ 177
»       »       BOARD_TOUCHSCREEN_I2C_ADDR,»    /* bus */ 178
»       »       0,»     »       »       »       /* device */ 179
»       »       0);»    »       »       »       /* function */ 180

This is from the file named “mainboard”.

So, in total, this is an exciting board to follow. Stay tuned!!

PS: It is interesting to note that all the latest Chromebooks boards that I have spotted have Haswell processors.