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Chromebooks Coming to India Soon?

There is a bit of hope for Chromebook fans in India. I was going through Chromium code base as usual, with my morning coffee and found the change in the code.

in: add “” APN for MTNL

<apn value=””> 5318
» » » » <usage type=”internet”/> 5319
» » » » <name>Delhi (3G Prepaid / Postpaid)</name> 5320
» » » » <username>xxxx</username> 5321
» » » » <password>xxxxx</password> 5322
» » » </apn> 5323
» » » <apn value=””> 5324
» » » » <usage type=”internet”/> 5325
» » » » <name>Mumbai (3G Prepaid / Postpaid)</name> 5326
» » » </apn>

( I have replaced the username and password with xxx)

MTNL is a state-owned telecommunications service provider in the metro cities of Mumbai and New Delhi in India.

Is this a sign of Chromebooks landing in India? May be, may be not! My excitement was short-lived because when I looked deeper, I found an XML file with service providers supported in Chrome OS which included all the major  Mobile 3G providers in India. I am not sure when the file was updated last.

Acer Chromebook

Acer Chromebook

I have tried 3G internet on my Chromebook here in India, both SIM cards I tried worked without any issues (Activating them requires couple of additional steps though)

So this might be a routine update the supported service provider list. But since Chromebooks have started rolling out in other Asian countries, there  is a possibility that this change is part of their preparation for the launch in India.

Fingers crossed!

Source: Chromium