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Select Multiple Emails in Gmail and Make A Google Doc or Print to PDF

Ever had the pain of opening individual emails from Gmail and printing each of them? Here is something that can help you with that. Gmail Print All for Chrome is an extension that lets you select multiple gmail items and print them to PDF or send to a printer.

 Gmail Print All for Chrome is here to help you quickly export messages right to a Google Doc that you can print, save as a pdf, share with others, or store in a way that works for you. Built to be simple to use, all you do is add messages to a gmail label and run Print All from your Chrome Apps screen. This will create a Document in Google Drive containing the content from your messages.

Each conversation thread gets a page of its own with the subject at the top, the number of messages in the thread and messages organized by the date.

Because Print All creates a Google Doc you can add a cover page and a table of contents.
Each message is already formatted for ToC making it a snap to navigate through messages.

, while sharing this extension on Google Plus said that this will be a perfect extension for those who file away email expense receipts in a Gmail label all year long, because it comes in handy around tax time when you want a PDF/hard copy.


I am not that kind of person. Are you? if you are, download the extension from here.




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