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Google Testing New ARM Based Chromebook “Puppy” ?

So this morning a puppy showed up on chromium code base. It was putting together a new build of Chrome OS based on an ARM processor.

Yes. A new Chrome OS device (since I am not sure if it is a Chromebook, Chromebox or something else!) is being tested by the Chrome team. They are calling it PUPPY.

Update: Our friends at believes that the Dalmore is a Tegra 4 Chip.

Update: Dalmore is the name of the mobo that goes with WAYNE (A.K.A. Tegra 4) according to the article.  God I hate that name! Thanks Ian Cummings!

Commit 42830 says:

puppy: Add bct ebuild

This includes cfg files for generating a bct that works with T114 dalmore.

Dalmore is Upcoming NVIDIA Tegra Processor

I looked up Dalmore. Dalmore (Tegra 114 family) I found this.

Dalmore (Tegra 114 family)

Googling Dalmore, I found this.

The patches refer to the new Tegra SoC as the “Tegra 114″ with the development/evaluation boards being called “Dalmore” and “Pluto” for this Cortex-A15 MP platform. This is the hardware that’s coming to market as the Tegra 4 “Wayne” generation. 

The Linux NVIDIA Tegra support does allow for a single kernel image to handle NVIDIA’s Dalmore T114, Pluto T114, and Cardhu T30. The Cardhu is the current-generation NVIDIA Tegra 3 reference board.

Is Has Something To Do With Android Too!

Chrome browser for android is there and they are actively developed. So it is normal that Android is mentioned in the code. But in the very early stages of setting up a build for a new Chrome OS device? Here is what I saw:


CROS_WORKON_SUBDIR=”android-files” it says.

I am not a developer, but still, this is mention is really interesting to me. They are definitely doing something that Chrome OS and Android are deeply involved, together.

Stay tuned for more! And if anyone of you can dig deeper in to the code and figure out more, do let me know!




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