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Getting Started With Your Chromebook – A Free Ebook

Sure. But can’t you cut it down to “open lid”? :p

That was the response from Philip Sum on Google Plus when I asked my friends if they can review a small ebook I was writing for Chromebook users. Yes, setting up Chromebook is as easy as opening the the lid and logging in.

So, why a guide to get started with Chromebook?

My own experience.

I have been blogging about Chrome OS for sometime now. But I got my own Chromebook only this month. It was using Chromum OS on a netbook and knew how to use a Chromebook. But an actual Chromebook is different from a netbook with Chromium OS.

The keyboard is different. There are keyboard shortcuts and settings that you can change for a better experience. I had to Google a couple of things (and yes, search results had articles I wrote!) like taking screenshot and replacement for the Delete key.

That’s when I had the idea of writing a very small ebook to help new Chromebook users get started.

chromebook  Create Your Own For Everyone Chromebook Campaign, Because Google Wants You To

Contents of This Ebook

  • Getting To Know The Keyboard
  • The Search Key and Caps Lock Key
  • No Delete Key
  • No Home or End Keys
  • Dedicated Brower Keys
  • Some Trackpad Tricks
  • Chrome OS Apps Menu
  • Changing Time Zone
  • Changing Wallpaper
  • Taking Screenshots
  • Add More Users
  • Screen Lock and Password Protection
  • Going Offline
  • Managing Files
  • Downloads
  • Google Drive
  • Drag and Drop Between Google Drive and Downloads
  • Deleting Files

Download Getting Started With Your Chromebook

This ebook was written on a Cr48 Chromebook :-)

Thanks, Reviewers

I got very positive response from my Google Plus circle, offering to review the Chromebook. Their review did help this ebook a lot, but more than that, it helped me feel better, you know, that positive energy that you always look for!

Thank you all!

  • Gareth

    Hi, just thought I’d mention that on page 8 it says:

    “If you like keyboard shortcuts, use this:

    CTRL + M

    The file manager opens in a new windows and you will see Downloads and Google Drive.”

    On my Chromebook, Ctrl + M just minimises the current window, it doesn’t open the file manager.

    • Dinsan Francis


      They keep changing it. Please fer to my chromebook tips page for the updated keyboard shortcut.

  • Bob Manrodt

    getting a chromebook soon, looking forward to getting familiar

  • Paul

    It would make sense to add a Date to your publications going forward, as this looks a little out dated, but I have no actual Date to go by..
    I love the idea tho .. and hope you please keep it updated and relevant.


  • Joel Brondos

    I teach at a very small school and have manage GA4E and our school’s 25 Chromebooks by myself.

    These lists are extremely helpful — and I wondered if you might consider one more: 100 Tips for Chromebook Administrators (or whatever yoiu want to call it).

    There would be things like pre-installing approved apps for students, how to block offensive websites, how to add default tabs/websites on boot-up, how to do a password protect which starts on “inactivity,” and anything like that.

    But even if you decide not to, I certainly find these pages very helpful. Thanks again!

    • Dinsan Francis

      I would love to write such a guide, but unfortunately, I do not have access to a control panel. If I ever get one, I will write resources for Chromebook admins.

  • N7EGM

    Thank you

    • Dinsan

      You are welcome