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Tag Your Bookmarks with Bookmarks Tagger for Chrome

Got lots of bookmarks? Looking for a way to organize them? Hmm, here is one way, tag them. Yes, with Bookmarks Tagger for Chrome.

Bookmarks Tagger sits to the right of the Omnibar. When you want to add a new bookmark you simply hit the button, and add your tags. To search through your tags later, type “bt” into the Omnibar, hit Tab, and search whatever you like, says Lifehacker.


  • assign tags to your bookmarks
  • search for the bookmarks in the address bar using the letters “bt” (bookmark tagger) and the tag(s) in the same way as you use the quick search
  • import your existing bookmarks and tag them
  • edit, remove bookmarks and tags
  • browse your bookmarks by their tags
I am sure this will be really useful for those with many many extensions and finding it hard to organize and manage them. Try this out if you are one of them and let me know how it went!

Download the extension here.




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