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Refresh Webpages Automatically with Auto Refresh Plus for Chrome

Looking for a way to auto-refresh webpages on on Google Chrome? Here is an extension that will do just that.

According to the developer, Auto Refresh Plus not only that refreshes the page but also supports content detection, which is very useful when you want to find some content in a dynamic webpage.

Feature List

  • ¬†Refresh page base on time interval.
  • Set default time interval.
  • Timer to start(A countdown to start to refresh).
  • Auto start refresh when start Chrome
  • Monitor page when refresh page.
  • Show notification and play sound for page monitor.

You get a lot of options to customize the auto refresh, and also notifications including sound. That justifies the Plus in the name of this extension I guess. That being said, this extension is not for everyone, obviously. There may be people with some specific tasks to finish (ah! like that refreshing while waiting for Nexus 4 to show up on the Google Plus store.

Want it? Get it here.

  • Craig Tumblison

    I actually just discovered this extension a few weeks ago – the ability to have it watch for and alert me of changes to page content is amazingly useful.

    One thing to note though: This extension, by default, inserts the occasional advertisement into pages while you’re browsing (including on this very page as I type this!). There is an option to disable it of course, but it is enabled by default.

    • Dinu

      advertisement? That’s too much I guess!!!!

      • Craig Tumblison

        It really isn’t a huge deal, and it can be disabled. For users who don’t notice it right away though, it can be confusing.

        Here’s an example:

        The ad didn’t actually load that time, but you can see the placeholder it inserts into the page.

        • Dinu

          ah! thanks for sharing that Craig :)

  • Hashimtopaz

    Now Auto refresh Plus is Here