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New Chromebook Ad in The US Election Spirit “For the Red & Blue”

Google has uploaded a new video ad for Chromebooks, this time in the US election mode. The new ad is titled “For the Red & Blue”. Here is the new video. Oh, and to watch more Chromebooks news and videos.

For Blue, For Red

For A Laptop on Every Lap

For Sharing Across the Aisle

For Hours of Energy Independence

For 2.4 LBs of Freedom

For Cutting Spending on Software

For Increased Cyber Defence

For your 2nd Computer Rights

For Standing Up To Viruses

The $249 Laptop from Google

For Everyone

Did I missing anything?

chromebook  [Poll] Chromebook or Nexus Tablet?

Oh, btw, why do we have all text on caps, on an advertisement for a laptop that has no caps lock key?





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