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[Extension] Tab Scissors Divides Your Chrome Tabs

Extension time guys!

This simple tab organization tool divides one window into two.

If you have at least two tabs in the selected Chrome window, it will split that window into two smaller side-by-side windows. All the tabs on the left side of the selected tab will stay in the left window, and the rest will move to the window on the right.

It is especially helpful for those who have lots of tabs opened at a time.

Install this from here.

via Lifehacker.

  • Roog

    I have been using this extension for a couple of days and I love it and I have used it repeatedly. I have long wished that Google included the simple ability to round up a group of open tabs and set them in a separate window. Thanks for posting about the extension, Dinu.

    • Dinu

      that’s cool :) please don’t forget to let me know next time you find a cool extension like this 😀

    • Eli Gukovsky

      You know, you can select multiple tabs using Ctrl, Command, or Shift, and drag them out into a new window