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[Extension] Replace Google’s Logo With your Favorite Google Doodle

Google Doodle lover? Here is something cool for you! This Chrome Extension helps you replace the Google logo with the Google Doodle of your choice.

After installing go to (either the homepage or the search results page) to see a special doodle. To choose your favorite doodle: Click on the Google logo to get to the Doodle Gallery. From there click the button underneath your favorite doodle to set it as your favorite. You can change your favorite as often as you’d like. A few doodles are intentionally missing the favorite button due to licensing restrictions.

Pretty neat and simple, right? Here is one more fact that you would be interested to know. This extension was developed by a Google employee but this is not an official Google extension. With 148,190 users users according to the Chrome Web Store, this extension is indeed a hit!

Want it? Get it here.