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[Extension] Missing e Adds Extra Features To Tumblr

Tumblr fan? I’ve got something for you. Missing e is a Chrome Extension that adds new features and customization to Tumblr. This is an unofficial extension for Tumblr, but it can get you functionality and tools for navigating, posting and socializing.


* Bookmark posts on your Tumblr dashboard so you can go back to them later
* Open links in dashboard posts in new tabs so you never lose your place
* View full-size images from photo posts without leaving the dashboard (and even if a high-resolution link isn’t provided)
* Jump directly to a post on the dashboard from the individual post’s page
* Easily and quickly create a post of your Tumblr crushes
* Tweak interface shortcomings in viewing posts on the dashboard, creating new posts and asking questions
* Reblog your own posts quickly from the dashboard or an individual post’s page
* Automatically create new posts for replying to replies (and other notifications)
* Hide potentially unsafe images while browsing the dashboard
* Add timestamps to unanswered ask messages and privately-answered ones
* Control tag reblogging
* Quick (1-click) reblogging
* Fit the Tumblr dashboard to a widescreen display
* Add tags when answering asks
* Mass message deletion
* Multiple post selector for the Tumblr Mass Editor

Sounds good? I am sure it does. 40k users on Chrome Web Store, that’s says something!

Get the app here and don’t forget to share this post on your Tumblr blog!