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Chrome Developer Tools Keyboard Shortcuts – A Few More

Developer News:

I am sure as developers you guys are avid keyboard shortcut users, and Chrome developer tools will not be an exception. I have got a few more shortcuts for you to add to your list.

I hope you find a couple of new ones here in this list, like the one to go to a specific line number?

Let me know!

Thank you  of Google, for sharing this!

To search scripts, stylesheets and snippets by filename you can use:

* Ctrl + O (Windows)
* Cmd + O (Mac OSX)

To perform a text search within the current file you can use:

* Ctrl + F (Windows)
* Cmd + F (Mac OSX)

To do a text search across all files you can use:

* Ctrl + Shift + F (Windows)
* Cmd + Opt + F (Max OSX)

If you need to dig down deeper, it’s possible to filter for or navigate to a particular JavaScript function/method or CSS rule when viewing a file using:

* Ctrl + Shift + O (Windows)
* Cmd + Shift + O (Mac OSX)

The tools also support going to a specific line-number within the Sources editor. To launch the line number dialog when viewing a file you can use:

* Ctrl + L (Windows)
* CMD + L (Mac OSX)

Do you got more to share with our friends here?

  • Dan

    Ctrl+L is clear console on Windows.

    Ctrl+G is go to line.

    ? will show all the keyboard shortcuts, as always. :)

    Ctrl+Shift+E is pretty cool, I should consult this often to look for additions.

    • Dinu

      cool :) thanks for adding a few more to the list ..