Two New Ads To Promote Chromebooks During Halloween

Okay, here we have two new ads for the new $249 Chromebook. Google will be using them during Halloween to promote the Chromebook.

I didn’t really like them. Check these out and let me know what you think!

Like ? Hate?

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  • Jonathan

    Goodbye to All That is a reference to a biographical work by war poet Robert Graves. Other than that, I agree with you, they are not very appealing 🙁

    • thanks for that 😀

  • Jamkid

    Like your Site man, and I actually liked the second one. I let know if you need any help on the chromebook /information. I’m also a avid android user and review may products. I guess I’m good fanboy but I would love the ability to contribute to your Site, cheers and keep it up man.

    • Jamkid

      Lol Damn auto correct. *reviewer /Google fan boy

    • sure 🙂
      you can start with the forum I guess 😀 meet people and talk to them..