How to Access your iTunes Music Library on Your Chromebook

I am sure this will be one big question that everyone is asking. How do I access my iTunes songs from Chromebook? Can I run iTunes on Chromebook?

You can not run iTunes on your Chromebook. But you can upload your iTunes songs and playlists to Google Music and then play it from Chromebook. It’s pretty easy. I’ve got a video to show you how to do that.

So, what you do is, download a software on your Mac or PC to upload iTunes library to Google Music, and then stream it from there. Happy listening!

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  • John Blades

    anybody know how to increase tab size – text and icons?

    thanks for any help you can give.

  • Hunter

    Yeah..what if you don’t have a macbook or pc?

  • Pocono Chuck

    Google Music wants $10/mth … To play my imported iTunes account?