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Free Incognito Glasses From Google :-)

Okay, don’t get too excited yet. The team says they are out of these glasses for now.

The Chrome team set up a free giveaway of Incognito shades as a Halloween present to Chromies.

Halloween’s just around the corner, but with these Incognito sunglasses, you can stay stealthy all year-round.

Get a free pair for yourself by filling out your information here (while supplies last): Be kind to your #chromies – one per person please.

Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + N has never looked so good. #funfriday

If you click the link now, you will see this message:

Sorry, we’re all out of Incognito glasses

Keep an eye out for our next giveaway, and have a happy Halloween.

Let me know if anyone of you got luck with this :)

  • Andrew

    I got there in time, so hopefully mine should be arriving soon! 😉

    • Dinu

      that’s pretty cool!

  • Maldar

    I am more looking for some glasses of the google glass project xD

    • Andrew

      Yes; that would be very good! I am not sure they would give them away for free, though. 😀

  • Dom

    I got there right when it was tweeted and got to sign up. They did, however, say that not everyone filling out the form would get glasses, so it would be cool if we could get an update when people start getting them. :)

    • Dinu

      awesome 😀 be sure to post a photo when you get it 😀

  • Daylon

    Just got mine from fed-ex today! really nice for free glasses

  • Damian

    I obtained my pair today! Wasn’t expecting them one bit!