1. James

    I preferred it when caps lock was L-shift + R-shift. Now it doesn’t work on Colemak, which has another backspace key on the caps lock/search button.

  2. Jackie S

    How do you delete a bookmark item, for example, I want to remove Yahoo Mail bookmark shown in my Bookmarks Bar.

    1. Right click and then delete.
      Or, open bookmarks manager (CTRL + SHIFT + O or chrome://bookmarks)

  3. Just had a look at a couple of Chromebooks in my local PC World today. Noticed the lack of a Delete key, and some other ‘oddities’.

    I had a qick play with the demo Chromebooks. Seem a bit flimsy.
    Most;y, however, my experience was that I decided that I didn’t want my world taken over by Google, with their stuff all over the place, dominating my every move.

    Funny isn’t it.., with Apple it’s a case of …Well , this is how we do it.., if you don’t like it, then don’t come in to our walled garden.

    With Google they seem to have too many people who have read that psychologists book on ‘Nudge Theory’. ie they keep nudging you towards their stuff, or their way of doing something. And eventually, you just go… “Yeah, OK.., I’ll do it your way..”

    Well, I decided not to.

    1. A Chromebook is not for me.
    2. I’ve, some while ago, ceased using Adwords to advertise my couple of
    3. I’m moving away from Gmail, and have taken up an annual subscription with a
    reasonably secure non-US, non-UK email service. I chose Fastmail.

    Yes, I like my ‘Delete’ key, and so no reason to to be nudge, pushed, or whatever…. into using multiple keys just to do a delete.

  4. Rochelle

    I Tried To Use ALT+Backspace To Delete Facebook Logins But I Doesn’t Work :/ Do You Have Anything Else That Might Help Me ?

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