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How To Go Incognito on Google Chrome

How To Go Incognito on Google Chrome  – Yes, back to basics, again!

How To Go Incognito on Google Chrome – PC, Android and iOS

Incognito mode is one of the most favorite features of Google Chrome. You can go incognito on Chrome by selecting New Incognito Window from the settings menu or pressing CTRL + SHIFT + N.

If you’re using Chrome OS, you can use the guest browsing feature as an alternative to incognito mode.

On Chrome for Android, press the settings key of your phone while Chrome is open, and then select New Incognito Tab

If you have installed Chrome on iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), you will not get this feature.

What It Does, and What It Does Not

Let us see what this mode does, or what it does not.

  • Webpages that you open and files downloaded while you are incognito aren’t recorded in your browsing and download histories.
  • All new cookies are deleted after you close all incognito windows that you’ve opened.
  • Changes made to your Google Chrome bookmarks and general settings while in incognito mode are always saved.

Chrome is in Private Mode But…

Do not assume that you get complete privacy control by going Incognito on Chrome. Browsing in incognito mode only keeps Google Chrome from storing information about the websites you’ve visited. The websites you visit may still have records of your visit. Any files saved to your computer or mobile devices will still remain.

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  • jake

    If my pc dies. And i am on this mode will the.pages once my computer has turned back on?

    • Dinu

      No, it wont be saved.