1. just wondering

    Just remember that anything in Chromium is subject to change before it gets to the release version of Chrome. It could end up as a cog, a star, a hot dog, or no change at all.

  2. Kurtextrem

    dafuq is this shit?

    I’m not satistified about this change D:

  3. Well, I think it is good. The wrench is very old and the menu has a lot of new stuff that wasn’t there at the beginning. Sure, it looks a little bit boring, but I think it is oke.

  4. Pascal

    What revision of Chromium do you have?

  5. I’m really upset by this change. I often do some “tech support” for my family and everything goes much smoother, when the icons can be easily described.

    If i ask somebody to “click the wrench in the top right corner” he or she will instantly get it.

  6. nascent

    I just noticed the new icon in Chromium, and at first spent a minute trying to search for the settings icon amongst the addon icons. Then seeing this weird hotdog thing I mouseovered it and saw it was a ‘customise’ button.

    I’m actually shocked that they would make such a radical change without a popup tooltip or something explaining it to users, I have no idea what this thing is meant to be, the last thing I thought of was settings until the mouse-over.

  7. Ed Cymbaluk

    Unable to uninstall ask.com from Google Chrome.
    All methods attempted no wrench for Options in Chrome

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