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Is This Screenshot from a Chrome OS Tablet?

We have seen Chrome OS tablet being mentioned in Chrome OS code before. Seaboard was the code name for a tablet that reported back in 2011.

But when Pedram Jabbari send me these screenshots, everything looked more clear and gave me a feeling that, we are almost there!

Take a look at this screenshot

Chrome OS Tablet

Chrome OS Tablet

The Chrome icon on the screen is a bit bigger than the icon we see on Chromebook. The width of this screenshot is 625px.

Chrome OS Tablet

Chrome OS Tablet

A Little History, The Seaboard

Here is the specs that we could dig out about Seaoboard.

google chrome os  Googles Own Seaboard   A Tegra 2 Powered Chrome OS Touch Device

1. Tegra 2 Processor from Nvidia
2.  Atmel MXT Touch Screen
3.  2MB of SPI storage – ( whatever that means — )
4.  DRAM: 1 GiB
5. Two USB Ports

That’s probably a reference tablet device to test things on. But this may not be the device being used these days, because I keep seeing new devices with different code names being mentioned in the code.

Chrome OS + Android Dual Boot?

Yes, this could be a screenshot from Chrome OS Tablet. But, what if this is from a tablet running Chrome OS and Android?  A dual boot device?

What do you think?

Well, that’s just a wild guess, and I do not have any proof/reason to provide. However, looking at number of rumors going around about a possible dual boot device with Chrome OS and Android 5.0, this is just an attractive speculation to make!

  • Peter @ Cloud High Club

    I do hope that there will be a Chrome OS tablet, however, given that Chrome has already got its place on Android tablets, would Chrome OS tablet be redundant?

  • Saqib Ali

    What makes you think these screenshots are from a chrome tablet?


  • Saqib Ali


    Not really. I think Chrome OS is a much more secure OS than Android. Chrome OS uses verified boot process.