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Google Distributes Chrome in CDs – Get One From Best Buy Store for Free!

See what Google is doing to promote Chrome browser! They are giving away free CDs with Chrome in it for those who visit the Chromebooks section in Best Buy Stores.

Surprised? me too!

Clayton Pritchard  shared these pictures on Google Plus. He was in the Best Buy store to check out some new computers and walked in to the Chromebooks booth. Along with those new Samsung Chromebooks, they had something else on display, free CDs with Chrome Browser encouraging visitors to take one home and install Chrome on their computer.

The CDs were in really cool plexi-glass cases held together by magnets. The Chrome Expert also gave us the cool idea of using the case as a picture frame after we were done using the CD. I think it is a great idea for Google to use their Chromebook’s placement in Best Buy stores to also spread the goodness about Chrome.

Now, here are some pictures.

Anyone planning to grab one of these?




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  • Kurtextrem

    I need one! :O

    • Dinu

      me too!!

  • Greg

    Is this the Chrome operating system, or just Google Chrome I installed from Google’s site?

    • Yvan

      I think it is Chrome, the browser.

      • Dinu

        Yes, you are right.. its just Chrome, browser..

  • Ronny

    Where do I have to go to get one?

    • Dinu

      best buy stores..

    • phillips1012

  • Maldar

    Haha, those CDs look awesome.

    • Clayton Pritchard

      Yeah, I partially took them just because of how cool they and their case are!

  • Perk

    I wish they’d build a ChromeOS with some hardware recognition goodness (like Ubuntu) built in, so folks could have the whole Chrome experience..(Hexxehs builds are flakey)on ordinary laptops and desktops.

    • Dinu

      have you tried Lime build from hexxeh?