1. Sean

    For the most part, Google does a very good job with not shoving ads in your face. I would be very interested in an ad supported Chromebook.

  2. Guest

    If it’s a good device with a good price, I can life with the extra ads (or try to disable them).

  3. M

    OS is actually in the cloud? I think not- it is still located on local bytes. The machine boots to a full os even if the net is inaccessible. Updates are from the cloud and quite simple to complete, but still just change the local bytes…

    Your user environment with all of your apps, extensions & add-ons is in the cloud and follows you in your Chrome experience if you login.

  4. Wall Sam

    Will I get to install ad block extension? :P

  5. shle896

    I guess I need to know HOW much cheaper ad-supported Chromebooks will be. If it knocks a $100 or more off the price, I wouldn’t have a problem with it. I’ve never found Google’s ads obtrusive.

  6. Stephen

    I do not want to spend more on a new better chromebook or a subsidized Chromebook. I have a Chromebook (Acer wifi) which I am quite happy with. I also have a MyTouch Android cellphone with T-Mobile and Clear modem/wifi for my home and a portable Clear modem. When my contract is up with T-Moble I will probably get a Nexus unlocked phone. I also plan to get a 7 inch Google Nexus tablet when it comes out and I believe I can use Chrome on it. When my Acer Chromebook no longer works I will not replace it even though I’m happy with it. I can get by with the Nexus tablet the desktops we have around the house.

  7. GT.

    The problem is not the price the problem is functionality, why do I have to by something with so limited functionality when there are so many other alternatives with competitive prices.

  8. I’d consider it if I could still use AdBlock for Chrome/AdBlock+. Otherwise, I think I’d do a chromebook video of me driving over it with a tank (I’m unaccustomed and disinclined to seeing ads).

  9. mlmcelt13

    Don’t have a problem with ads – I’d just like to see the price come down a bit. I actually find the ads helpful at times, although I always enter the URL into address window manually to help save them money on the click if I am truly interested. Sure, I’d buy an ad-sponsored Chromebook.

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