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Google Chrome Delicious Extension

Google Chrome Delicious Extension for those who still use Delicious service for their bookmarks.

Before we start, I have a simple tutorial for those who wants to import their bookmarks from Delicious to Chrome.

Delicious Bookmarks Extension (Beta)

This is an extension from AVOS with 32,205 users. Delicious Bookmarks is the official Chrome extension for Delicious, the world’s leading social bookmarking service, the description says.

The extension adds an icon to your toolbar which will let you add or remove bookmarks. This will sync to your Delicious account.

Install this extension from here.

Delicious Tools

Delicious Tools is another Delicious extension for Google Chrome. Hilights? Quick access to saving Delicious bookmarks. Customizable keyboard shortcut. Selected text populates your notes field.

Keyboard shortcut defaults to alt + D. You can change this from the options menu. Right click on the icon on the toolbar to get open extension options menu.

Install this extension from here.




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