Chrome OS Gets A Quick Makeup

A Quick Make Up For Chrome OS landed in the Dev channel the other day. Tiny tweaks that make the UI look neat. With Brandon Giesing‘s cute wallpaper, (Do check out his new blog, things look pretty. Take a look.

 The Apps Panel – And It’s Not New

There is anew Apps Panel or App Menu. It used to look similar to Android or iOS app menu, but the new version of Chrome OS has apps arranged on panel with white background.


.. and its not new.

I dont know if you guys remember. Take a look at one of the first screenshots, or UI mockups we ever saw, for Chrome OS. See something similar?

I think the team made this decision for making Chrome OS more unique and not like all the other smartphone/tablet operating systems around. I think this was a neat decision.

Search From Apps Panel


You can search for your apps from the apps panel. But the search works as Omnibox away from omnibar too. Yes, you can search the web from this search box, do some calculations, etc. Paste to search won’t work here though.

Now, You Can Choose Your Own Wallpaper

See something different on Brandon Giesing‘s screenshots? Yes, he has a custom wallpaper, not something that comes with Chrome OS. You can now choose your own wallpaper. Cool uh?


See the new Browse and I’m feeling lucky options? It also has a drop down to change Cropped or Stretch.

Tweaked Settings Panel

The settings panel popup got a little face lift. It looks similar to the settings menu of Android on Tablets. Agree? Here is a screenshot.


Screenshots Have Better Names

A small but useful tweak. Screenshots taken by Chrome OS has better names now. Here is an example.

Old: screenshot-20120616-071236.png
New: Screenshot 2012-06-16 8:52:39 AM.png

Its well formatted now, right?

So, what do you think? Will this make up impress anyone?

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  • Tian

    Really want to buy one, live in Canada, no chance. 🙁

    • same here.. I am in India….

  • Nicolas

    Hey, looks awesome ! How can I try this out ? Hexxeh’s builds seem not to be working anymore 🙁

    Thanks in advance,

  • I just think it was a bad move to include the windows-feature. Still looks cool though.

  • remove the screens and make another one that will not contain the animaniacs picture in theb ackground. I am the author of the picture, i drew it and nobody is allowed to use my art without my permission. Or else im gonna report this!