1. just wondering

    I was reading an article the other day about generations of kids who will never use a desktop their entire life. It got me thinking and now I am trying to figure out who would use this. The Samsung Chromebook can now be had for $299. It offers portability, and of course comes with a monitor and keyboard built in. I realize the Chromebox would have a more powerful processor, but aren’t the new Chromebooks going to have more powerful processors? The real shocker for me, however, is the lack of HDMI support. How would I watch movies on TV ? With a DVI and a mic output ? Really ? Not exactly what I would call the Blu-ray experience.

  2. Broc

    The chromebox has DisplayPort++, which means it can send an HDMI signal (with an adapter attached). It can also send DVI. I’m not happy I had to buy new video cables, but I’m fine with DisplayPort.

    The i5 Chromebox running ubuntu can make a nice code development machine for me. I really like that it has dual monitor support out of the box, and that it does so without an 8-thousand-mega-watt video card with a noisy fan that would eventually die. I like that it boots fast, has a small footprint, and is completely silent.

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