1. this is good stuff. chrome is so awesome.

    i was hoping to see one of those graphs that show the usage climbing… maybe the verge has one?

    1. hey, I forgot to put that one on!! thanks for reminding me.. updating..

  2. I’m just a little worried that MS is going to get away with blocking other browsers on Win8 or at least crippling them in many ways and doing exactly what they did to Netscape all over again.

    Really don’t want to go through another period where one browser dominates the landscape. Three with rather equal market share is a nice thing to see and hopefully it will promote better and faster web standards.

    At least now we have one browser (Chrome) backed by a company that has a solid influx of cash to support it and isn’t dependent on the browser alone for it’s revenue.

    For me personally I use Chrome as my default and Firefox as my secondary. . . and IE for testing lol

    Sorry Opera. . . used you for a few good years but. . . . . now just testing.

  3. When I go on StatCounter, it shows Chrome as being slightly under IE for this month. We should wait until the end of the month before declaring victory. ;-)

  4. Travis

    Chrome is not number one according to other major browser statistics companies like Netmarketshare, W3counter, or Clicky. Different companies make different measurements. I read somewhere that the most real measurement would be an average between these, which still places Chrome on 2nd spot, but not far from IE.

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