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Learn A New Language With This Google Chrome Extension – It’s Totally Cool!

This is what Thinking Outside The Box really means.

Introducing Language Immersion for Chrome, a nice little extension that sprinkles words from a language that you pick, on webpages you visit.

You are “immersed” in this new language. You find them on pages, articles and blogs, and read through them. The extension gives you support with translations and pronunciations.

Language Immersion for Chrome – experimental Chrome Extension

Here is what developers have to say about their new extension

Language Immersion for Chrome is an experimental extension that aims to simulate the experience of being immersed in a foreign language. By switching certain words and phrases from English into a language of your choice, the websites you already visit can provide a way to experience the world from a different perspective.

Now, Features

  • Choose from all 64 languages currently supported by Google Translate.
  • Novice-to-fluent skill settings let you immerse at your own pace.
  • Click on a translated word to switch it back to English.
  • Roll-over a translated word to hear it pronounced.

This extension is truly experimental for now. But, it is really fun thing to use, and you will start learning words from the new language of your choice.

Install the extension from here

Which language is your pick?




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  • Alessandro

    Great app!!!
    very very useful…especially for people who wants to improve english language like me :-)

  • Jessie C

    the pronunciation feature is not working for Irish for me