“Hang with us. We’re fetching your files” Fix Google Drive Error On Chromebook

Having trouble with Google Drive on Chromebook?

Here is quick fix for the error “Hang with us. We’re fetching your files” on Chromebook’s Google Drive folder.

What’s The Reason For The Error “Hang with us. We’re fetching your files”

The reason for this error on your Chromebook is a corrupted Google Drive cache. This is causing trouble on your Chromebook when Google Drive tries to update your files.

The fix is simple. You need to delete or refresh the local cache once and everything should be back to normal.

Steps To Fix “Hang with us. We’re fetching your files” Error

You will need to put your Chromebook in to Developer Mode before trying these steps. Read this article for instructions on how to change to developer mode. Note: The article talks about wiping the Chromebook, follow steps only till changing to dev mode.

  1. Press <Ctrl> + <Alt> + T, the command prompt displays.
  2. Type shell and press enter
  3. Type  rm GCache/ and press enter
  4. When the last action is completed, restart your Chromebook
  5. Try accessing Google Drive now.

Did that fix the issue for you? Do let me know!

Thanks, and welcome back François Beaufort!

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  • Thomas Quintana

    It didn’t work for me. I received an ‘unknown command’ message.

    Welcome to Chrosh, type ‘help’ for a list of commands.
    Unknown command: ‘shell’

    • You need to try this in developer mode.. I am updating the post..

  • Warren L

    The problem with that solution is that Chromebook has to be in developer mode. You cannot get to Shell with the above command without being in developer mode. Most users are not in developer mode.

    • Hey, thanks for that.. I will update my post..

  • Ben

    nope didn’t work on cr-48 I get the message Unknown Comand ‘rm’
    crosh> rm GCache/
    Unknown command: ‘rm’

    • You need to try this in developer mode.. I am updating the post.. with a link showing how to switch to developer mode..

  • Simply “Wrench -> Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Clear browsing data”, and then selecting the checkbox for “Clear the cache” before clearing, did it for me.