1. Kurt

    Do you have any idea how the browser looks when you have one of the Aura windows maximized? Just wondering if the task bar on bottom disappeared and the clock went back on top.

    1. Robb

      running hexxeh’s chromium OS builds, the task bar stays below.

      1. Kurt

        Interesting, guessing it’s turning into a regular OS then. Was hoping it would stay like how it is now on Chrome OS builds, loved the look of it.

  2. Jonathan Seyghal

    Chrome OS becomes less different from a regular OS by the day. :-(

  3. This is a sensible addition IMO.

    I always found it odd that we needed to open another tab to get to our “desktop”. OS’s sorted this stuff out a long time ago, no need to go reinventing the wheel.

    1. Andrew McLoughln

      But this desktop isn’t like the new tab page: it has no icons and no purpose. It would be better if the newtab page was the desktop background.

      1. Andrew McLoughln

        My bad, I should have kept reading

  4. W.G.

    There’s compact mode, that looks and behaves similar to
    the current method. The last time I ran one of Hexxehs Vanilla Builds, You had to connect to an external monitor, in order to use what you see in the screenshots/videos..
    I hope that has been changed, by the time R19 is released.

  5. Justin Phillips

    This is just added complexity and defeats the purpose of Chrome OS.

    1. Shane

      I tend to agree with you. If Chrome OS is just going to turn into an alternative to Windows, then what sets it apart from other OS’s? I’m all for improvements, but simplicity is a staple of Chrome OS and it needs to stay that way if they want to remain unique.

  6. Kurt

    Does anyone have a screenshot of what Aura Window Compact mode looks like? Does it still have the task bar?

    1. W.G.

      It looks the previous version, but using the new windows for various modal dialogs and panels…. No taskbar, sorry.

  7. Joel

    on the topic of the WM it will be available not only for the chrome os but chrome as well!

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