1. vicent

    That’s great although I’m still using win7, but I hope that when I use win8, all the browsers had developed themselves perfectly there. Then I can choose the ones I like just as what I do in win7. chrome firefox and Avant browser are the winner in win7. They will still be my choice in win8? I don’t know.

  2. José Martins

    Sorry to bother you, but is Windows 8 the standard Operation System for today browsers?
    What is the best OS for just surfing the web? Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or the newcomer Windows 8? (Regarding only OS from Microsoft)

  3. What I want to see is webGl support like in chrome for desktop. No more, no less. That would be awesome for web browser 3d full screen chrome metro games!

  4. NoWin8

    The Metro interface was enough to make me look at alternate Operating Systems. I decided to get a Mac Book Air and run Chrome on it. Microsoft should have either ditched the desktop all together and go Metro, something I wish happened on ARM based products or kept the new desktop. To have the half and half is a compromise that makes no sense.

    1. good choice :) I am trying to buy a mac too… need to save a lot of money.. wont be easy..

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