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“GIFPAL” Lets You Create Animated GIFs Using Images from Your Webcam or Computer

Animated gifs shared on Google Plus has become a really good way to start my days on the web. So, is there a  way to create such funny animated images on Chrome? Free of cost?

Yes, gifpal can do that for you! No download required!!

Gifpal is an online service that lets you create animated gif images using images from your computer or from your web cam. Click some pictures using the web cam or upload some from your PC or Mac first. Then, go ahead and arrange them with cool effects. You can use up to 20 images to create 20 frames, and then animate them in any way you want.

You can download the completed gif images or share them online to Facebook or twitter. You also get to see an awesome gallery of user created gif images, just like flickr for gif images!

Get the App here and enjoy!!