1. Craig Shreiner

    Arg! Why would anyone want to get rid of Chrome? I just don’t get it. :-(

    1. Because it becomes corrupted. Some extensions cannot be removed.

      Even after uninstalling it, if you install it again chrome picks the same settings, extensions, and corruptions right back up again.

  2. kacky

    I wanted to get rid of it because it came in, un-invited, with an Adobe Reader update. Chrome could be the greatest thing since sliced bread but if Google can’t be above-board with their tactics, it won’t be allowed on my system.

  3. kacky

    P.S. AND it positioned itself as my default browser, again without permission. So the answer to Google Chrome will always be NO.

    1. Craig Shreiner

      That’s two strikes. I can completely understand your frustration. I can only hope that one day you’ll give Chrome a chance and let it redeem itself.

  4. dd

    Right-click this link.
    Click Save Link as and save the file name as remove.reg. (Select “All files” as your file type.)

    which link???

    1. thanks for checking it.. I have added the link back

  5. Rollo

    I’d like to remove it as I have never used it #1 # 2 When I try to stop it in task manager I get this, Your System may be unstable and some data loss will occur, what the &()*^%* is that all about? is it going to crash my machine if I stop it? It sure sounds like it. It’s running fine as of now, but I’m intimidated to the point that I do not want to lose all my book marks that I’ve gathered over the years. What can be done without risking the Big Crash which I’m sure is to follow if uninstalled?

  6. Dave

    I don’t like it because you have to go out of your way for it not to save your history. With the kids and others around all of the time .. I have gotten into the habit of never saving my history.

    I tried to uninstall Chrome .. with all windows closed .. and it gives me a message “Please close all of you Google Chrome windows and try again”. They are closed .. I have re-booted .. tried many times .. can not uninstall this program.

    I do not want it!!!

    1. Bluze

      Dave – the solution to your problem is to go into Task Manager and select each instance of chrome.exe 32* (there will be several of them), and click ‘end process’. Once all are gone, you will be able to complete the uninstall.

      1. mfinlan

        How do I go into Task Manager?

  7. There is an extension in Google Chrome called “Select Links.” I have been trying to remove it for days. Nothing works. The check box provided under “extensions” in chrome does not work. I have tried cc cleaner and other anti-maleware programs. None of them works. How do I get rid of it? I cannot use chrome until this maleware thing is gone. This one little thing ruins google chrome for me. I am using XP.

  8. I cannot delete Chrome no matter what I do and it hasnt been working for months (when I click on the chrome symbol, the timer comes up for a few seconds and nothing happens, not listed anywhere on task manager either.) I have tried deleting it via the windows installer – nothing happens, there is no “uninstall” option in the chrome folder and I have tried the instructions above (and on the chrome site) but the “remove.reg” file isnt recognised – says it doesnt contain reg. info or something like that. Its also mostly being saved as a htm file even though I changed the ending and type to all files – thought I had got it once but then got the msge mentioned above that it didnt contain the right info. I’d be really grateful for any advice!

  9. PS. its being saved as a firefox htm file – I can only try these steps through firefox cos as I said I cant even open Chrome any more – could that be anything to do with it? Do I need to get Chrome working again before I can uninstall it?! (Have an old and tired dell inspiron 1501 laptop with windows XP!)

  10. Tom

    Just FYI: The download in your instructions (I assume to download the reg file) does not work, as the link currently goes to a Google Help page. Google’s original file (which you were probably linking to) cannot be downloaded either with IE – it gives the error “File could not be downloaded”.

  11. Moranbah

    Just started using Samsung Chrome Notebook, want to install Free apps that work OFFLINE as I often am not near power, only one works, also tried to get help from their NINJA service nothing happens, just a blank screen, not happy with Chrome as yet!!!!!

  12. Lester Chaves

    I got tired of advertisements coming up while watching one of my videos that I paid for. It just took over my computer. I did like being able to go straight to my websites while it was on my pc. Like most you like some but not all. thanks for your help.

  13. Robert Shields

    I agree totally with kacky. I accidentally installed it with another program and now find it almost impossible to remove it (shades of AOL). It keeps reinstalling itslef and taking over as my default browser. Google’s lack of honesty makes me want to puke as they try hard to look like the best and most honest provider on the Internet. Also, FYI Craig Shreiner, I use Roboform to store passwords etc, and have done for many years. Google Chrome is not compatible – hence a lot of unecessary hassle. Please don’t assume everybody is as an idot.

    1. JAMES


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