$100 Discount on Any Chromebook – Google’s Offer for “Chromies”

As a member of Chromebook Central you’ve had the opportunity to see (and help!) Chromebooks evolve over the past year.

chromebook  $100 Discount on Any Chromebook   Googles Offer for Chromies

That’s why we’d like to say thank you with $100 off any Chromebook of your choice on Amazon.com. We hope this gives you a chance to get your hands on a new Chromebook or share one with a friend or family member!

That was from an email Google Chromebook team sent out to Chromies or Chromebook forum members. There will be a coupon code along with this email. This was a limited period offer and I dont know how many of you got this email or made use of it.

So, What Does This Indicate?

Does this mean, that there will be a lot of discounts and offers like this during this holiday season?
Are they not selling Chromebooks in good numbers as expected?
Is this a sign of a price drop coming soon for all Chromebooks?

Any thoughts guys?

Thanks Matias Wright for sending this in!

On Google Plus?

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  • I think it’s because not enough people are buying them as they are a bit skeptical about the Chromebook being able to work offline. Where I live, wifi isn’t everywhere so the Chromebook would be pretty useless here.

  • Surprisingly enough the Chromebook is not too useless during times that you don’t have any internet access. There’s already an assortment of offline apps.

    -Google Docs
    -Google Calendar
    -Offline Dictionary
    -Linker Puzzle
    -Amazon Cloud Reader
    -Scratch Pad
    -Google Music
    -Scientific Calculator
    -Ajax Animator

    Just to name a few. I’m sure there’s a lot more.

    • why dont you make a post with say, 50 offline apps :) I can publish it as guest post from you..

  • I did have time to compile 25. Maybe when I have more time I’ll list 50. I do need to test them out for full Chromebook compatibility though.